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American Express Zync

American Express Zync Card is the latest Pay-in-full Charge Card. Launched in 2010; the card allows cardmembers to customize their card with a variety of benefits and rewards that are designed with specific lifestyle and spending habits. It is not a credit card but work like credit cards such as Gold, Green, Blue, and Platinum with some differences. Cardmembers can access to unlimited world of opportunities and can enjoy the wide range of benefits and rewards Packs such as Family Travel Pack, Eco Pack, Style Pack, Restaurant Pact, Music Pack, and more that are in store for all its cardmembers. They can enjoy Membership Rewards Express program and can earn amazing reward points. Unlike credit cards, Amex’s charge cards like Zync do not have a credit limit or for that sense it does not have a pre-set spending limit. Amex takes into account the credit history, the income and the spending history of the holder to calculate how much they should be spending in a month. As long as cardmembers does not exceed the amount what American Express thinks they should be spending in a month, cardmembers’ card can not be denied or declined.

American Express Zync Card

As is the case for all Amex’s charge cards, Zync Card from American Express does not charge interest to its cardmembers. Unlike other Amex’s charge cards such as Gold, Green, and Platinum which have high annual fees, Zync Card from American Express annual fee is by far the lowest of all. The annual fee charged to its cardmembers is just $25 which is the lowest of all among all charge cards offered by American Express. Amex has been running ad, promoting the product change of the Zync Card from American Express through the song Blank Canvases, composed and sung by the Passion Pit band as the commercial song for the Zync Card. Amex has recently introduced four new Packs to Zync Card apart from the existing Packs offering cardmembers exclusive access to a number of opportunities, special discounts, bonus, and customized rewards.

In addition to allowing its cardmembers to customize the card with a variety of Packs, every American Express Zync cardmembers are also automatically enrolled to Membership Rewards Express program upon its approval. They can earn one point for every dollar spend and with unlimited opportunities to earn points even faster. Cardmembers also can enroll to credit score and report program for a 30 day period once in a year. They can easily manage their card account either online or phone. Using their login ID and password cardmembers can simply sign in to view their reward points and redeem online for thousands of line of rewards. The American Express Zync Tank, an online community network serves an indispensable tool, where cardmembers and select individuals are invited and engaged in a forum to provide ideas and resources for the enhancement of the Zync Card. Cardmembers can give their feedback about the benefits and the Packs for the further enhancement of the card with newer packs and benefit schemes. Cardmembers also can access to a number of exciting events and shows of several occasions from the Zync Zone.

American Express Zync Requirements

Amex does not publicly state the complete requirements or eligibility of the Zync Card from American Express. However the one official requirement they state is that individuals must be a resident of the US and should be above 18 years of age at the time of application. Individuals can apply like a credit card but in the beginning one needs to be in a good credit history. The approval process is quick and simple and is more lenient as compare to application and approval process of other Amex’s cards. Cardmembers and individuals can check the reviews about the Zync Card detailed benefits and reward packs for the entire customers.

For terms and conditions, and restrictions apply to all the benefits and packs, Cardmembers and individuals may visit the official website of the company. To know more information about Zync from American Express such as APR, Interest Rate, Credit Limit, Benefits and Rewards and more, individuals may visit American Express Zync Center at or may simply call 1-800-833-3323.



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