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American Express Customer Service

American Express provides award-winning customer services making all its customers experience the kind of service that one truly deserve. Amex’s Customer Service Department provides unique services demonstrating its long years of experiences and experts, and still continues to do so with full commitment in servicing the needs and requirements of all its customers. The cutting-edge customer service of American Express is never compromised because of its broad spectrum of products and services catering throughout the world. The company maintains a unique strategy in servicing the customers. Amex customer service representatives are offered with attractive salary plus with many other benefits. Individuals seeking employment opportunities at Amex can find exciting jobs in the field of customer service and they can build bright careers out of the growth and development benefits program provided by the company.

Amex is catering a wide range of Charge Credit Payment Card products and Travel related services to consumers and businesses around the world, and is leading card issuers in the whole of the world. The company is best known for its credit cards, charge cards and traveler’s checks, and is offering an array of personal cards, business cards, corporate cards, and gift cards, which include Gold, Platinum, Blue, Centurion or black card, Delta Skymiles etc. American Express is also operating the world’s largest travel network having a number of travel agent service centers in the United States and in several international locations.

Consumer’s cards products and travel services of Amex can be seen and available not only in the US but also made available and is served in many international locations such as Australia, Canada, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Customers of Amex in the USA and all over the world can experience the same products and services offered and delivered by the company and its representatives.

American Express Customer Service Number

Every cardmember of American Express are offered with exceptional customer services with round the clock assistance through phone as well as online service. For the convenience of its customers, Amex provides customer service phone number on the back of every eligible cards provided by American Express. Cardholders having any questions, complaints or for any queries with regard to their cards can reach American Express either through Email or by calling the telephone number which is given on back of their card. Cardholders also can take advantage of Global Assist Hotline wherever they may travel around the world. Customer services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week for emergency assistance such as lost of card and luggage, accident, and any other travel assistance. Cardholders can immediately contact the customer service centre should any casualties or untoward incidents happen to them while in the course of travel, shopping, and what not. Customer services are also available in Spanish. Cardholders can contact according to their best convenient option. Please contact the following customer service phone number respectively for the concern products and services:

Customer Service Phone Numbers
Personal Cards: 1-800-528-4800
Small Businesses: 1-800-492-3344
Merchant Services: 1-800-528-5200
Corporations: 1-800-528-2122
Membership Rewards: 1-800-AXP-EARN (1-800-297-3276)
Travel (Air, Hotel, and Car): 1-800-297-2977
Platinum Travel Service: 1-800-443-7672

American Express conducts customer service survey from various quarters to study the consumer’s attitude towards the services of the retailers and businesses. The 2008 NRF Foundation and American Express Customer Service Survey was an example which was conducted to study and elect the best and highest customer satisfactory retailers in the United States. Amex has also successfully conducted a survey recently in Australia and in eleven other countries worldwide studying the consumers’ attitudes and preferences towards customer service. The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer announced that Australia is among the least tolerant nations only next to Mexico when it comes to matters like receiving bad customer service.

Cardmembers can visit the company’s website and see the reviews and read the various consumers’ story about the customer service provided by American Express towards its diverse consumers. For detailed information on American Express Customer Service and more details about Preferred Seating, Macy’s Card, Vice President, Executive and Publishing Customer Services etc. please log on the official website of the company. Individuals also can obtain information with regard to customer service address, training and many others.



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