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American Express Travel

American Express operates the world’s largest travel network serving consumers and businesses around the world. As the company is best known for its credit card, charge card and traveler’s cheque, Amex offers great travel deals with a wide coverage of insurance program including car rental, health, emergency assistance and free travel insurance etc. With travel agencies and offices around the world, Amex provides extensive travel related services and has made travel much easier for people around the world. The company has several partners in airlines, hotels and retails. Customers are offered a wide range of travel rewards and benefits with discounts, bonus and several other featured travel offers. Registered cardmembers at Membership Rewards Program can book any flights, hotels, cruise, and rental car for vacations or holidays using the Amex’s card and can earn double rewards points on all purchases. The points can be used to pay for the expenses of the entire trip or part. Amex also offers a variety of important travel tools and resources including guides for several featured destinations, checking of flight status, weather forecast of every destinations, foreign currency converter, etc.

American Express Travel Insurance

Customers are well protected with American Express Travel Insurance. The Platinum Card of Amex offers airport lounge access, worldwide annual travel insurance and other preferential treatment such as medical insurance, and emergency assistance etc. Wherever you are in the world, you are protected with comprehensive travel insurance program and are safe in the palm of the American Express Travel Insurance plan. The global travel shield packages provide a wide coverage including Airflight Insurance, Global Baggage Protection Plan, Global Trip Delay Plan, Trip Cancellation Plan, and Global Medical Plan etc. USA Customer may call the phone number 1-877-294-6103 for information on protection and insurance plan. Customers can visit the company’s official site and review the insurance plan and international coverage.

American Express Travel Services

With its broad spectrum of rewards and travel cards including small business card, corporate card, and prepaid travel card, Amex offers the largest global travel services to its cardmembers. Cardholders of Amex’s travel cards such as open, blue, gold, centurion and prepaid can take advantage of a number of travel benefits with guaranteed security and protection through the company’s global assist program. Whether one plan for any luxury travel, leisure family club travel or any type of business or government purposes travel, American Express Travel services helps monitor and provide hassle-free booking of companion ticket services and full travel arrangement services for the entire trip. The last minute travel service provided by American Express is a popular one and travelers find very helpful in getting everything done even at the last moment. The company has a number of travel related services Inc. in various locations worldwide to help international travel a hassle-free in booking and entire arrangement of the trip.

Wherever one may travel, American Express offers free Global Assist Hotline and assistance services round the clock. The company provides pre-trip assistance services such as inoculation, customs information and also helps in getting visas and passports. And while traveling the company provides assistance services which include medical, finance, legal, and other emergency assistance like lost luggage and card replacement to help get back to the vacation fast. The Sign and Travel program allows one to extend travel charges anytime one make pre-paid travel arrangements. For general travel related services, individuals may contact Amex’s help desk phone number by calling 1-800-327-2177 or login in to the online service. To avail the Sign and Travel program one may simply ask the travel agent or sales person or may call 1-800-327-1267. For lost of card one may visit any travel services locations worldwide or call 1-800-964-8542.

American Express Travel Office

American Express Travel Service is operating through a large network of office and agency in over 2,200 locations worldwide. Individuals can find a number operating travel offices within the United States as well as in several international locations. In the US alone one will find active travel offices in locations like NYC, Beverly Hills, Phoenix, Houston TX, San Francisco, New York, Boston MA, Washington DC, Bloomington, Dallas, Florida, Dearborn MI, Garden City NY, Hawaii, Harvard Square, Jacksonville FL, Las Vegas, Lawrenceville GA, Maryland, Omaha NE, San Antonio, Chicago, Tyson corner, Tampa FL, Vancouver, Walnut Creek CA, and more. International locations such as Italy, Germany, Karachi, New Zealand, Paris, Norway, Egypt etc. provides extensive American Express travel services. For more travel offices and specialists centers with their full address and contact number, individuals may find using the office locator tool provided by the company by providing zip code and selecting the distance from the drop down menu. International offices also can be located by providing the region, country and city name.

For detailed information of American Express Travel, and related details pertaining to Amex travel services such as Axiom travel, Conceirge, cto, cook, business travel rrd, fhr, promotional code, brochure, blackberry app, coupon codes, discount code, etc. please visit the official web site of the company. Individuals will also find details about global travel insurance coverage, travel jobs and careers at Amex travel services.



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