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American Express Shopping

American Express offers exciting shopping opportunities with exclusive deals and valuable offers to all its cardmembers. Amex has a number of shopping partners and brands throughout the US. Through the Membership Rewards program cardmembers can earn as many points as they like and using the earned reward points they can drop in to any mall or store and shop with the points. Cardmembers can also get exclusive discounts and exciting promotion offer from the various partner stores and shopping malls. Whether cardmembers shop online or in any shopping mall or store, Amex has a wide selection of rewards catalog in lined to reward each. Cardmembers who have keen interest in shopping and who wants to get reward out of their card can explore the American Express shopping network and get the most out of it.

Shopping with American Express Card is always an experience of excitement with full of reward options and partners to choose from and most of all the convenience and rewards that it provides. Cardmembers can find great offers at American Express Selects, be it fashion clothes, electronics, car, and what not on many of the favorite brands and that also in one convenient location. With the American Express Cards such as Platinum, Skymiles and any other Amex eligible Cards, cardmembers can explore and enjoy the extraordinary holiday shopping experience wherever they travel around the world. Cardmembers can earn amazing reward points for spend at selected outlets anywhere in the world. The ShopAmex online service lets cardmembers enjoy the convenience of online shopping which is ensured with guaranteed protection with state-of-the-art safety and security tools.

Every eligible cardmembers, irrespective of personal, small business or corporate cards, can enjoy the wide range rewards and benefits provided by American Express. Through the Membership Rewards program, Amex offers the world’s most generous and exclusive schemes to cardmembers. Cardmembers can choose from a wide selection of rewards catalogue including incredible travel, shopping, hotel accommodation, entertainment, and more. They can earn points as many as they can by charging their everyday purchases and spends to the Amex card and can redeem those points at Membership Rewards site. American Express also offers a variety of gift cards which can be used in thousands of places at restaurants and retail stores in the US.

For more info about American Express and to know in detailed about shopping opportunities and valuable offers provided by American Express, please visit the official website of the company.



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