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American Express Black Card

American Express Black Card is a charge card offered for personal and business use especially for high spending individuals and businesses. Black Card is called so because of its color. The actual card is American Express Centurion Card which the company introduced in 1999 without spending limit. It is used mainly by high spending individuals and mostly by celebrities as it seems not affordable for those with minimum credit limit. Black card of American Express is made of anodized titanium that gives the card more to its weight. It is available in select markets in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more. The card provides access to a wide range of rewards and benefits including Travel, Hotels, Entertainment, Retails, and many others.

American Express Black Card Qualifications

Black Card issued by American Express is made available to preferred card holders and by invitation only. It is required that one must fulfill the strict eligibility criteria of American Express if to become a Black Cardholder. One is required to pay annual fee, and while in some countries it may charge certain initiation fee to the card holders. American Express does not fully disclose the requirements for the application and qualification of the Black Card publicly. However, it is said that the basic requirement before applying for an Amex’s Black or Centurion Card is to be credit card members of American Express irrespective of which card individuals possess, whether Platinum, Red, Plum, Blue, Gold, or Delta.

To be qualified and to get an offer for application for an American Express Black Card, one needs to spend $250,000 within a year. After spending the above amount within a year, one can then call up the American Express phone number and request a Black or Centurion. Most people claim it is hard to get and to obtain one as it is based on invitation, but it is not at all hard if individuals spend $250,000 a year. The card is also provided in some companies as perks to its executives or employees. They can obtain through them. Interested individuals may login in to review the stories of how it is obtained and also annual fees charges in different countries. They can also review a variety of invitation kit from different countries.

American Express Black Card Benefits

American Express Black Card offers extensive benefits to its card members. The range of rewards and benefits vary with the type of card that one possesses which include Personal and Business. Card members are offered a broad range of rewards and benefits in Travel, Hotels, Cruise and any type of Land Vacations, Retail Benefits, Entertainment, and Financial etc. They can enjoy dedicated concierge services with great deals in travels, hotels, shopping etc. With Business Black Card, card holders can enjoy extensive travel concierge deals with all travel related bookings including airfares, hotels, car rental, and personal concierge deals including shopping and fine dining etc. They can enjoy the upgrades of certain airlines such as Delta, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and Northwest to elite status. Cardholders can take advantage of a variety of privileges offered by the American Express Black Card including luxury hotels and resorts with special amenities and Cruise vacation with great deals in yacht and meals.

Card holders and interested individuals may review the various blog, article and stories written by number of people with regard to American Express Black Card. They can also review the details regarding the issue of getting American Express Fake Centurion Black Card and Replica Amex’s Black Metal Cards etc. Some suggest that American Express Fake Black Card overlay kit can be purchased at Whatever may be individuals may call Amex’s Platinum Customer Service Number at 1-800-263-1616 to request for an application of an Amex’s Centurion Card. For detailed information of American Express Black Card and related details regarding Visa Black Card, Black Card Unboxing, Amex’s MSN money, interest rate etc. please log on to the official website of the company for full details.



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