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American Express Gift Card Balance

American Express Gift Card has become a preferred choice of gift for many families, friends, businesses, and corporate all over the world. The company offers gift cards with denomination range starting from $25 with a variety of features and designs available for all types of occasions and seasons and for all walks of people. The gift card offered by Amex can be either purchased online or in person from any participating banks, retailers, and shopping malls. However, the personalized gift card can only be purchased through online. American Express has eliminated the usual charge of fees after purchases on its gift cards, and so now it is free from all service fees after purchase. The available funds activated on the gift card do not expire. Amex’s gift card can be used anywhere in the United States at merchants and retailers that accepts American Express Card. The gift card can be used to make purchase over the internet and mail order as well. Cardholders also can use Membership Reward points toward gift card purchase if he/she is a basic cardmember of the Membership Rewards account.

American Express Gift Card Balance Check

American Express gift card can be ordered, purchased and activated online. The gift card account also can be easily managed online after registering to online service. Using the user ID and password, cardholders can simply log in to their card account and check the available fund balance.

They can also check the points needed for the gift card purchase if using the Membership Rewards points toward gift card purchase. Cardholders also can set up alerts to receive online statement for available point balance and other information. To check amount of funds available on the gift card, individuals can simply visit or may call the toll free telephone number which is given at the back of the card that is-1-877-AXP-GIFT for the balance enquiry.

The gift card provided by American Express is becoming a preferred choice as it is safer than cash with no monthly fees, no lost of value as such and without any expiry date. It is neither a credit card nor a debit card but a prepaid device which has a dollar value or a load amount selected at the time of purchase and is printed on the front of the card. The value on the card is the available funds or balances of the gift card at all times. Westfield gift card provided by American Express is one popular gift card and is the preferred choice for any occasion around the world. It is 100% gift and can be used anywhere within a Westfield Shopping Center. Purchaser also can send personalized message with the American Express gift card printed directly on the package of the card to its recipient. If business owners want to have their business logo on the gift card, they can do so and to order for a logo, they may call the phone number 1-800-316-4420.

For more info about American Express Gift Card Balance and details regarding balance transfer and more please visit the official website of the company. Individuals who wants to order gift card of more than $75,000 please call the customer service phone number 1-800-316-4420. For more questions or any enquiry please contact the Amex’s Automated Response Help Center at 866-812-GIFT (4438).



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