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American Express Travel Services

American Express Travel Services provides the world’s largest travel network for consumers and businesses around the world. Through Mayflower American Express Travel Services Sdn Bhd, a joint venture company with Warrison TC Holdings Berhad, having over 2200 offices across worldwide locations, Amex provides a premier travel service to individuals, businesses and corporate. A global leader in business travel management, the joint company provides comprehensive corporate travel solutions that cover program compliance, improved booking process, efficient travel expense management, flexible payment solutions and assistance in deal negotiations with the service providers helping companies to maximize savings. American Express also served as KPMG’s consolidated US agency providing comprehensive travel solutions across worldwide.

American Express Travel Services Locations

American Express travel services have a significant presence in over hundreds of countries across worldwide locations with offices in almost all major cities in the world. In the United States, individuals can find a number of Amex travel services office in New York, Chicago, Phoenix, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, etc. Internationally American Express travel services is prominent in locations such as Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Karachi in Pakistan, Nigeria, Cairo in Egypt, Singapore etc. Amex travel service is very prominent in the UK having several offices in London, Bristol, Croydon, etc. The Farrington American Express Travel Services Ltd in Hong Kong is a prominent one in the Travel Industry in Hong Kong providing extensive travel services.

Individuals from the US can search Amex travel operating office and travel specialist office locations by providing the zip code to find offices in the United States. To search for international offices, individuals may select the region, country, and city of the particular service locations.

American Express Travel Services Jobs

Travel Services department of American Express provides a wide space offering dynamic opportunities to the career conscious individuals with various job opportunities in diverse areas. Job seekers at American Express can find exciting employment opportunities in the field of travel services in various positions. Individuals can find several job openings in many branch locations such as Phoenix, NYC, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and many others in the United States. Offices in the international locations also offer several job opportunities in their respective branch offices. For more jobs and detailed career opportunities in travel services and others offered by American Express, individuals may log on to the Amex career site.

American Express Travel Services Platinum

Cardmembers of American Express are offered a wide range of rewards and benefits that come with Membership. Amex broad spectrum of Rewards Cards and Travel Cards offers exclusive rewards from Membership Rewards program including travels, hotels, entertainment, merchandise goods and more. Platinum Card from American Express can allow cardmembers to explore the world of opportunities with amazing rewards and benefits in travels with exceptional customer services.

Wherever Platinum cardmembers move or travel around the world, they can get the most out of the card membership by calling Platinum Travel Service at 1-800-443-7672 to access rewards and benefits that one will never find anywhere in the world. They can earn double membership reward points for booking travel tickets using the Platinum Card and can use to pay for all or part of the travel expenses. For more details about Platinum Travel Services, rewards and benefits, cardmembers in the US may call the number 1-800-443-7672. Cardmembers outside the US may call 602-537-4000 to reach Amex Platinum Travel Services.

American Express Travel Services Phone Number

Cardmembers may contact the following phone numbers regarding American Express Travel Services. Amex customer service representative can help you get the most out of the card membership.

For Reservation (Air, Hotel & Car): 1-800-297-2977
American Express Vacations: 1-800-335-3342
For Cruise Reservation: 1-800-297-5627
Platinum Travel Service: 1-800-443-7672 24/7 Go Now
Last Minute Deal: 1-800-720-7891
Business Travel Programs: 866-492-9102

For more details about American Express Travel Services and related information such as Travel Check, Platinum Card, Membership Travel Services, Locations in NY, Jobs and more, please visit the official website of the company.



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