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American Express Car Rental Insurance

American Express Car Rental Insurance program provides cardmembers with insurance coverage for any damage and theft of the rental vehicles when cardmembers reserve or make payment using the American Express eligible Card. Through the Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance plan, cardmembers are automatically covered and protected against any theft or damage caused to the rented vehicle. However, such automatic protection coverage is eligible only when cardmembers use their eligible card in reserving and making payment. The exclusive travel deals with added benefits and rewards program provided by Amex to its cardmembers and travelers facilitates them all the more to explore the extraordinary experience. American Express offers a wide range of rewards program, and having had several partners in airlines, hotels, brands, and merchants, individuals seeking rewards at Amex can always find the extraordinary.

American Express Car Rental Insurance Review

Wherever cardmembers may be in the world, they can assure themselves that they are always safe and protected with the Amex Travel Insurance Plan. They can travel with peace of mind; never ever have to think of insecurity for themselves, luggage, rental autos and whatever. Cardmembers need not be over cautious, or for that matter too concern on the thrifty car rental related issues. American Express has everything and cardmembers can rest assured themselves. However, the Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance Plan do not cover any other liability or another type of loss other than car rental. It is regret that, no insurance coverage is provided for vehicles rented in Australia, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Jamaica, and New Zealand.

American Express Car Rental Insurance Premium

With American Express Premium Car Rental Protection Plan, cardmembers can even save considerable amount besides protecting themselves with coverage upto $100,000 for damage and theft of the rental car. Under this Premium Protection program, cardmembers will only pay the same flat price whether they rent just for a day or even for a month. However, the rate and savings from Premium Car Rental Protection for any national car rental will vary with the state of one’s residency. To know and to avail additional car rental coverage, cardmembers may enroll in Premium Car Rental Protection program from which they can enjoy a very low flat rate.

American Express Car Rental Insurance coverage differs by the types of its card. The benefits and rewards covered for the Gold Cardholders may or may not be covered under Blue Cash Cardholders rewards program. Whatsoever, all eligible cards from American Express including Gold, Blue, Platinum, Delta, and Costco Platinum card from American Express etc. are offered with a wide and unique range of reward and benefit schemes. Cardmembers can receive amazing discounts from the various partners of Amex Car Rental Insurance Company. They can find exciting car rental specials at selected Thrifty Car Rental locations in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, etc. To avail the various promotion offers of car rental, cardmembers should always use the coupons or the discount codes for the particular offer.

For Car Rental Insurance benefit details, cardmembers may see the description of Coverage in their Cardmember Agreement or in the time to time updates of Amex. To claim for the loss or damage reimbursement, cardholders in the US may contact Amex Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance Department at 1-800-338-1670. Those cardholders calling from outside of the US may call 1-440-914-2950. For more details about American Express Car Rental Insurance program and related information including participating Budget and Enterprise Car Rental Company and more, please visit the official website of the company.



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