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American Express Reviews

American Express offers a broad spectrum of consumer card products, payment solutions and travel related services to individuals, small businesses and large corporations. The company is best known for its world-class credit cards, charge cards and traveler’s cheque business. Amex is the world’s largest card issuer by purchase volume and is also recognized as the most innovative company in the industry offering cardmembers the most satisfactory customer services. Through its extensive travel network operation and travel service offices throughout the world, American Express operates the world’s largest travel network serving consumers and businesses around the world.

American Express Card Reviews

Amex offers a wide range of personal cards, small business cards and corporate cards with unique features and benefits program specifically designed to help meet the diverse needs and requirements of its cardmembers. The comprehensive consumer cards made available by Amex include Green, Blue, Gold, Platinum, Zync, Centurion or Black, Blue Cash, Blue Sky, Costco Platinum, etc. Besides, American Express also offers credit cards such as Clear, One (a credit card with a Savings Accelerator Plan which contributes 1% of its eligible purchases towards FDIC insured High-Yield Savings Account). A variety of Gift Card and Pass Card are also offered by American Express and they are very popular and are widely accepted at various restaurants and retail stores in the US. All Amex eligible Cards are offered with a wide selection of rewards and benefits including travel, cruise and vacation, hotel accommodation, shopping, entertainment and more.

American Express Rewards Reviews

Cardmembers can explore and enjoy the wide range rewards and benefits that have been provided exclusively for them by Amex through the Membership Rewards program. They can earn as many points as they want from their everyday purchases by charging to the Amex eligible card and can get the most out of it. There is no expiry date as such for the earned reward points. Cardmembers can redeem the points against any airlines, hotels, car rentals, entertainment, and against various merchandise items. Using the points cardmembers can pay for the entire travel expense or part of it. Rewards can be redeemed or transferred easily online or by just a phone call at the Membership Rewards team.

American Express Bank, FSB offers attractive rate of returns allowing customers maximize their finance potential. Customers having High-Yield Savings account or a Certificate of Deposit with Personal Savings from American Express can take advantage and enjoy the competitive interest rates offered by the bank. All deposits at American Express Bank, FSB are FDIC insured. Car buying program or Auto Purchasing program from Amex provides all convenience to cardmembers for down payments with exceptional purchase services and best price deals without incurring any additional cost. Daily Wish program from American Express allowed cardmembers get things of what they want at the price they wish for. Amex also provides exclusive travel insurance allowing cardmembers to travel with peace of mind wherever they are.

For detailed information about American Express and other details related with the company, individuals may please visit the official website of the company. One can also get more reviews and details about the company, jobs and more from other online information providers.



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