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Bank of America has consolidated its presence worldwide with the acquisition of Merrill Lynch and is now considered as the number one bank in the US. Founded in 1904 under the name 'Bank of Italy', it has grown magnificently over the years to become the largest bank in terms of deposits and assets it holds today. One can find a whole gamut of banking services with special benefits to certain categories of users at Bank of America. The range of services it has to offer has made it popular equally among individuals as well as industrial enterprises.

Bank of America Online Banking

The entire spectrum of B of A banking services is available online, which offers unparalleled convenience to the users and helps them avoid fraud and minimize safety concerns. You can use Bank of America Online Banking facility to access your personal accounts and make payments for mortgage or credit cards. Online you can view the details of your account balance, get a statement or transfer funds anywhere you like.

Even a customer with a specialized account, such as a military account can find online banking facility useful. To avail the services, an account holder needs to log in the bank's official website and sign in using the unique passcode supplied by the bank. Bank of America online banking interface is customer friendly and easy to use. For problems there exists a customer service department that can be accessed through phones, emails or even online chats.

Bank of America Mortgage

Bank of America offers a wide range of mortgage and home loan products along with the rates that can be customized with just a phone call. BOA's online services allow you to go through the simple procedure of prequalification and obtain the approval for your loan amount. Once you prequalify successfully, you are offered a choice of mortgage programs and attractive rates. The mortgage rates change daily and you are provided the opportunity to lock in the cheapest rate over phone.

Once the current rate matches your preference the bank notifies you through SMS or email and you get the chance to avail Bank of America Mortgage service at the lowest rate possible. Make a choice between the fixed-rate mortgage and adjustable-rate one, and compute the EMI amount using the mortgage calculator available online. The payment can be made online as well as through ordinary mail.

For existing borrowers, mortgage modification programs are available and the details of the same can be had from the customer service department. Browse this site to find Bank of America Mortgage Customer Service Phone Numbers.

Bank of America Credit Card

Bank of America Credit Cards are available in a number of choices and are quite popular owing to the features unique to these cards. Apart from the regular categories, there are special credit cards designed specifically for customers like students or people with bad credit records. With a Bank of America credit card you get attractive Rewards points on every purchase you make using it. The bank allows you to apply as well as check the status of your credit card application online. You can also use the Internet to keep a track of the account activities and pay bill in the most convenient manner. Credit card bill payment can also be sent through ordinary mail at the address found on the documents supplied to you by the bank. Additionally you get advantages like attractive rates, lowered fee structure, debt consolidation facility and many more.

Bank of America Locations

From the only office in San Francisco consisting of a few desks in 1904, Bank of America has emerged as the bank with indomitable presence across every state and most of the cities in the country. Today, you can easily find BOA branches, banking centers and ATMs at a location close to you no matter where you live in the US. The extensive branch network of the bank has ensured its presence at every convenient location in the US States like Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and Texas. As one of the largest global banks of the world, Bank of America provides services in as many as 150 countries through multiple branches, ATMs and banking centers. The headquarters is located in Charlotte North Carolina.

The site Online Banks Guide caters to all your information requirements for various banking products and services being provided by Bank of America. You can find at different pages of this website the various aspects like online banking, credit card, mortgage, home loans, routing numbers, branch addresses, location details, customer service phone numbers, current interest rates, career prospects, job opportunities and many more. Get complete info on Bank of America at Online Banks Guide and enjoy happy banking.


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