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Bank of America Grants

Bank of America grants are some of the best financial assistance that eligible citizens and organizations in the society can avail to solve their financial hassles. With the help of the grant programs introduced by the bank, a large number of local organizations have successfully availed a variety of financial services without facing any difficulty. Bofa grant programs are available for several organizations and institutions that endeavor to improve or develop the society as a whole.

Bank of America Grants Program

A wide variety of grant programs are introduced by the bank and some of the most popular programs include;
  • Anchor Institutions grants
  • Neighborhood Excellence Initiative program
  • Neighborhood Builders grant
  • Local Heroes program
  • Student Leaders program
  • Credit counseling grants, etc

Bank of America provides grants for anchor institutions such as universities, local arts institution and hospitals that improve the health condition and vibrancy of the neighborhood. Under the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative, a number of grant programs are made available for the betterment of our neighborhood. Bank of America signature philanthropic program is a well known grant that identifies and respond to local needs and provide help to non-profit charitable organizations. Bank of America grant making group ensures that the local grants are designed in such a way that they are able to meet the local needs.

On the other hand, Neighborhood Builders is an award program that recognizes community organizations that set them apart with their vision and strong leadership to create vibrant neighborhoods. Local Heroes program of Bank of America recognizes five community heroes in each of 45 markets. Bofa Student Leaders program is offered to 5 exemplary high school junior and senior students who are committed to make a difference in our society. Moreover, the bank also offers Credit Counseling Grants to eligible counseling agencies.

Bank of America Grant Application

Bank of America Grant Application is reviewed quarterly and the approval of the application will be based on annual need or specific initiatives. Upon review of the application, you will be notified for the bank's decision to either provide the fund or not. All the grant programs of Bank of America are designed to fulfill the local needs of our community. Local organizations such as Arts Councils, Small Business incubators, Local Hospice Organizations, Senior Citizens Centers and Affordable Housing Organizations are able to achieve the grants offered by the bank. Local and national organizations like Habitat for Humanity International and the United Way of America are responsible for issue of Bank of America Grant pass.
A good number of grant programs are made available to eligible applicants by Bank of America. Find the features of the grants offered by the bank.



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