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Bank of America Fraud

Bank of America Fraud activities have greatly increased with the increasing number of customers of the bank. It is very essential for the borrowers to avoid any fraud or scam related to products and services offered by the bank. A large number of customers usually fall victim of identity theft in which vital personal information goes into the hand of the strangers. Bofa fraud incidents can be related to any product or services that include account accessing code, social security number, credit card details, password, PINS and many more. It is the duty of the customers to secure their important information from falling into wrong hands.

Bank of America Fraud Department

Bofa fraud department endeavors to make sure that the customers of the bank are able to avoid several fraud activities. Bank of America fraud reporting can be made by contacting the department through several means including telephone, fax, email and Internet. Customers can make their report for stolen credit card, ATM or check card, email scams and many other fraud incidents to the department. With the help of the department, customers can also contact credit card bureau in order to place a fraud alert on their credit file. Bank of America Fraud Department Phone Number varies for different type of fraud incident.

  • For online banking fraud call 1.800.848.6090
  • To report for stolen credit card call 1.800.732.9194
  • For fraud related to credit card number call 1.800.427.2449
  • To report stolen check card call 1.800.848.6090

Bank of America Fraud Email

Email scam is one of the most popular fraud incidents happening in the world of banking today. There are many hackers and scammers who try to collect highly confidential information of the customers to use them in the wrong way. If someone posing as associate of Bank of America sent out fraudulent email asking you to provide your personal financial details then you are required to be very protective. You are required to contact the company directly and confirm everything before offering any details.

Bank of America fraud protection and prevention tips are offered by the bank to help the customers from falling victim of any scam. Customers can get better defense against loss, theft or unauthorized use of their consumer cards. Total Security protection is one of the free services offered automatically on Bank of America consumer credit cards. They also provide a number of advices on how to keep your card from falling into wrong hands. Moreover, customers are required to protect themselves from Internet fraud while making online purchase and transaction. They should only deal with safe and certified websites that have Secure Socket Layers.
Bank of America helps its customers to prevent fraudulent activities by offering a number of tools and tips. Find more info on the official website of the bank.



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