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HSBC is one of the world's largest financial services firms offering a wide variety of banking products and services to millions of customers worldwide. HSBC Bank is headquartered in London and its international network consists of more than 8,500 branch offices in about 86 nations and territories in Asia-Pacific region, Middle East, Europe, America and Africa. The shares of the bank are listed on several stock exchanges such as London, New York, Bermuda, Paris and Hong Kong stock exchange under the brand name of HSBC Holdings plc. By utilizing the most advanced technologies the HSBC Group links to its entire international network providing a rapidly growing e-commerce capability. HSBC Bank provides a huge range of financial services that include personal financial services, investment banking and markets, commercial banking, private banking, corporate banking and various other financial services.

HSBC Bank History

The history of HSBC Bank dates back to 1865 when the British established Hong Kong as an industrial colony after the end of the Opium War. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was established in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865 to meet the financial needs strongly felt by the local merchants with the growing trade between Europe and China.

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited is the founding member of the HSBC Group and it is a wholly owned subsidiary based in Hong Kong. It is one of the oldest banking institutions and is commonly known as Hong Kong Bank in the country. HSBC headquarters are located at 1 Queen's Road in Central area on Hong Kong Island and the same building was also the former headquarters of the HSBC Holdings plc, which later shifted to 8 Canada Square, London with the acquisition of the Midland Bank in 1992.

HSBC Holdings plc

On the other hand, HSBC Holdings plc was incorporated in England in 1990 as a public limited company and it is headquartered in London from 1993. In 2009, it was tagged as the world's largest financial group and 6th largest company according to the Forbes Magazine. The bank has large operational base mainly in Asia and their global reach and the banking services are matched by few other financial giants. HSBC Holdings plc is the parent company to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and as part of the acquisition of Midland Bank; the bank was obliged to move its headquarters from Hong Kong to London. HSBC Bank USA is also a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings and it is based in New York. Different HSBC branches have different routing number and it is important for the customers to know these ABA routing numbers.

HSBC Corporate Profile

HSBC was named as the world's most valuable banking brand in February 2008 by The Banker Magazine. The financial firm is well known in the world of banking for its conservative approach in its business operations. As of April 2008, HSBC was the 4th world's largest bank by assets and the second largest by sales. It was also the most profitable bank with $19.13 billion of net income in 2007. Moreover, HSBC is the largest bank both in Hong Kong and United Kingdom and they print majority of the Hong Kong's local currency under its name. HSBC branch locations are available in 86 countries and it serves more than 128 million customers worldwide. HSBC Direct savings and HSBC Premier Products are found to be very popular in a number of countries. Moreover, a wide number of HSBC careers and job opportunities are made available to eligible job seekers in the market.

Products and Services Offered by HSBC

HSBC bring a wide array of financial products and services that enables the customers to manage their funds more effectively. The bank also offers a number of mortgages, auto loans, student loans and various other loan programs to eligible borrowers in the market. The HSBC Group is a leader in providing personal banking, private banking, business and corporate banking services to a large number of customers and clients throughout the world. The bank also offers many rewards and earning benefits with their credit cards and retail services. The following are some of the most popular banking products and services offered by the bank;

Personal Banking
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards (HSBC MasterCard and Visa Cards)
  • Home Buying
  • Savings & Investing
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance
Private Banking
  • Investments
  • Wealth Planning
  • Finance & Banking
  • Specialist Advisory
  • Property
  • Tax
Business and Corporate Banking
  • Receivable Finance
  • Business Insurance
  • Trade and Supply Chain
  • Business Accounts
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Business Direct
International Services
  • Making and receiving international payments
  • International risk management
  • Importing and exporting
  • Global cash management
  • International business traveler

HSBC Retail Services and Internet Banking

HSBC is also one of the largest providers of retail services to leading retailers of the world. With a broad range of products, tailored programs and reliable customer relationship management capabilities, HSBC has made a name in the field of retail banking. Moreover, HSBC Internet banking services allow the customers to access their account and conduct a number of activities anytime from anywhere. It offers a wide array of personal as well as business Internet banking services to their customers. HSBC online banking services can be easily availed by just opening an online account with the bank. Existing users are just required to make HSBC online login in order to get a broad range of services that include online transaction, money transfer, online credit card bill pay, balance inquiry and many other activities. HSBC credit cards and mortgage accounts can easily be managed with the Internet banking services offered by the bank. The bank also allows customers to make wire transfer at competitive transfer fees.

On the other hand, HSBC careers and job opportunities are available all around the world because of its international presence. The bank has a diverse workforce of more than 335,000 and a huge customer base of about 100 million. Recruitment of employees is made from all over the world and a diverse job area is offered by the bank. HSBC Bank USA, France, Hong Kong, Brazil, United Kingdom and Mexico are some of the main HSBC branches and subsidiaries where a large number of employment opportunities are offered at regular time interval. HSBC Bank offices are also available in India, Canada, Sri Lanka, Japan and many other countries. In addition, HSBC customer service is also available for most of the services and products provided by the financial institution. Customers can also find HSBC phone number and a comprehensive detail on all their banking products and services by visiting the official HSBC website. It will be a wise decision for you to visit the official website of HSBC if you are thinking to get some financial assistance from the bank. You can also use the HSBC branch and ATM locator tool available on the bank's website to find the nearest HSBC branch and ATMs.

HSBC Bank Address
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
GPO Box 64,
Hong Kong,
1 Queen's Road Central,
Hong Kong SAR, China
Telephone: +852 2822 1111
Fax: +852 2810 1112

HSBC Holdings plc
8 Canada Square
London E14 5HQ
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7991 8888

One HSBC Center
NY 14203
Telephone: 1 800 975 HSBC (4722)
Outside the U.S. and International (collect): +1 716 841 7212
HSBC is one of the largest financial services firms well known throughout the world. To know what the bank offers, visit their official website.



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