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HSBC Routing Number

HSBC Routing Number or ABA routing number is a nine digit code used by banks and various other financial institutions in the United States. This routing transit number usually appears at the bottom of some negotiable instruments like checks that identifies the particular financial institution from where it was drawn. HSBC ABA routing numbers are very essential while processing wire transfer and direct deposits with any branch of the bank. The transit code is also used by Federal Reserve Banks and Automated Clearing House in order to process Fedwire fund transfers, direct deposits and several other automated transfers.

HSBC ABA Routing Number

The main purpose of HSBC ABA number is to clearly identify the financial institution with which a particular account is associated. The ABA routing number is derived from the transit number of the bank, which was first designed by the American Bankers Association in 1910. One can easily find this nine digit code just before the account number on the bottom of your checks. After 1911, American Bankers Association started assigning transit numbers with the help of a series of registrars and they are still responsible for assigning new routing numbers.

When you have an online checking or savings account with HSBC, you can enjoy a number of hassle free services like fast online transfer and transactions between multiple accounts. However, to make online transfer or transactions, you are required to provide the routing number of your HSBC branch where you are making the transfer. At present, there are over 26,879 active routing transit numbers currently used in United States. ABA routing numbers appear in two forms in a standard check - the MICR form and the fraction form. However, both forms provide the same information. The MCIR form consists of nine digits and it appear on the bottom left of a check. On the other hand, the fraction form usually appears on the upper right part of the check and it serves as a backup when MCIR form becomes illegible during the processing of the check. The following is a list of some HSBC branch locations in US and their routing number.

Branch Location Routing Number
California 122240861
Connecticut 021114263
Delaware 031101185
Florida 067009390
HSBC Direct Website 022000020
Illinois 071002053
Maryland 055003492
New Jersey 021001088
New York, Upstate 022000020
New York, Downstate 021001088
Oregon 123006389
Pennsylvania 036002425
Washington DC 054001709
BUFFALO, NY 142030000
HSBC Direct Online Savings 021001088

The routing numbers listed above are only for the branches of HSBC in the United States of America. To find the swift code of HSBC locations in Hong Kong, London, and various other offices in UK, logon to the official website of the bank.
Different branch of HSBC located in different states have unique routing number. Find them by making your search at the website of the bank.



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