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HSBC Direct Savings

HSBC Direct Savings account is one of the best saving products that helps your funds to grow faster without any risk. Opening an online savings account will allow you to access your cash from anywhere at anytime. HSBC online savings account features an attractive interest rate of 1.35% APY which is about 5 times the average of national statement saving products. HSBC is one of the largest banks in the world and it brings a huge range of personal as well as business and corporate banking services. Personal checking and savings accounts of the bank are widely popular throughout the world.

HSBC Direct Savings Account

It takes only $1 to start opening an online saving account with HSBC Direct, which has now changed to HSBC Advance. You are free to choose your desired account and there is no fee for opening the account. Moreover, the application process is completely easy and you are not required to open a checking account in order to manage your Direct Savings account. Online Direct Savings account easily works with any type of account that you already have with the bank. Gone are the days when you have to visit the branch of HSBC to manage your account. Now you could just make HSBC Direct Savings login to your online account at instead of visiting a branch.

HSBC Direct Savings Review

Many customers have already acknowledged the benefits of having an HSBC online saving account. These past customers have offered their review on the beneficial features of the account. It is advisable for the new customers to read these reviews to get a better understanding of the online savings accounts. Direct savings products in Canada comes with 24/7 customer support. You can talk with professional customer service representative anytime to solve your queries. Some exclusive features of HSBC Direct Savings Account include;
  • Interest rate of 1.35% APY
  • No monthly fees
  • No charges for transactions and money transfers at HSBC ATMs
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Convenient online account management, etc
In addition, HSBC Direct savings are covered by FDIC insurance and this provides future security. You can access the personal Internet banking services of the bank and make bank to bank transfers or between your multiple accounts with HSBC. Further connect your savings account with as many checking accounts as you want even if the accounts are with different banks. Enjoy lightning-fast cash withdrawal and deposits at HSBC ATM anywhere in the US. To get the customer service for Direct Savings, you can visit the HSBC advance website where several options for accessing the customer service are provided. It is important for the customers to remember that the routing number for HSBC Direct is 022000020
HSBC Direct is now HSBC Advance and it offers the best savings option for the customers. Log on to the bank's website to find the features of its savings product.



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