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HSBC Bank History

HSBC Bank History includes a wide range of acquisitions and expansions around the world. Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, the founding member of The HSBC Group, was established in 1865 in order to finance the increasing trade between China, India and Europe. The key person behind the founding of HSBC bank was Thomas Sutherland who was then working with the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. A strong demand for banking needs was realized by Thomas with the growing trade on the China coast. With his help, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was established in Hong Kong in March 1865 and a month later in Shanghai.

HSBC Group History

HSBC Group has a unique international pedigree and many of the principal companies were established for business more than a century ago. Soon after its establishment in Hong Kong the bank expand its branches and agencies all over the world. The network of HSBC began to spread as far as North America and Europe. It then soon became a pioneer in offering modern banking services in a number of nations. In 1888, HSBC became the first bank to be ever established in Thailand and it printed the first bank notes for the country. In 1866, HSBC opened its Japan branch that acted as the adviser to the government of banking and currency of the country.

HSBC Holdings plc History

On the other hand, HSBC Holdings is a public limited company established in England in 1990 and headquartered in London from 1993. It is the parent company of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and its headquarters were located in Hong Kong until 1992, when it was obliged to move with the acquisition of the Midland Bank. In 2009, it was announced as the largest banking group and 6th largest company by the Forbes Magazine. HSBC history in China, India and various other countries in Asia Pacific involves a number of acquisitions that enables the bank to expand its branches and subsidiaries. The following are some of major acquisitions made by HSBC International.
  • 1980 - HSBC acquired 51% of shares in Marine Midland Bank based in New York.
  • 1987 - The bank fully owns the Marine Midland Bank.
  • 1999 - HSBC acquired the Republic National Bank and relocated its Head Office from Buffalo to 452 Fifth Avenue New York.
  • 2003 - The bank acquired Household International.
Today, HSBC Group has their presence in all the major financial markets of the world such as the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The bank has 8,500 offices in around 86 countries with 210,000 shareholders and over 128 million customers worldwide. It has become the world's leader in providing a huge variety of banking and financial services ranging from personal banking, business and corporate services, private banking and a number of international services.

HSBC History Wall

Moreover, the bank has developed the HSBC History Wall, which is a visual record of its history. This visual record was developed in London for the Group's headquarters. In 3,743 images, this History Wall showcases the rich and diverse pedigree of the HSBC Group. Visitors can see a number of historical images depicting major acquisitions and expansions undertaken by the financial services firm. To find more details on HSBC historical exchange rates, share price, stock price, prime rates, historical base rates and variable rate, logon to the official website of the bank.
HSBC has a long history in providing reliable financial products and services to many customers all over the world. Visit the website of the bank to find more details on its history.



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