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HSBC Auto Loans

HSBC Auto Loans have enabled a large number of low and moderate income citizens to purchase their dream car without facing financial hassles. Everyone dreams to own a car but many of them are not in a financial condition to afford it. For them, HSBC Bank Auto Finance brings a range of low rate auto loans to help them fulfill their dream. HSBC Bank is one of the world's largest financial services firms providing a comprehensive range of private, personal, commercial and corporate banking services. Because of its huge international network, HSBC is also known as the "The World's Local Bank".

HSBC Auto Finance

HSBC Auto Finance handles the processing and servicing of auto loans in the United States of America. All the process such as auto loan applications, payments and loan modification are carried out by the auto finance department. Unfortunately, HSBC has decided to cease the auto finance business in the United States and as a result, the bank will stop offering auto loan programs to borrowers from August 6, 2008. But, the bank will still continue to service or collect the existing portfolio of auto loans with existing customers.

On the other hand, Customers having existing loan with the bank are required to continue their scheduled auto loan payoff as per the term of their agreement. Moreover, those customers who have active approval for auto loan modification or refinance from HSBC, the bank will honor the pending approval. They will further work to finalize the loan according to their current guidelines before the approval expires. For those who have received pre-qualified offer for their HSBC auto loan applications, the bank will surely honor the pre-qualified offers. Customer receiving pre-qualified offer in mail can begin their application process through the Internet link provided in the offer letter. Moreover, HSBC will honor the invitation provided to those existing customers who are looking to refinance their second vehicle.

HSBC Auto Loan Login

Existing customers can login to HSBC auto loan Myaccount to make auto loan payment or to manage their account. They are just required to provide their User ID and Password to make their auto loan login to their account. First time users can register now by providing their name, HSBC account number, social security number and their email address. For queries and problems related to auto loan contact HSBC Auto Finance customer service phone number - 1-800-418-1888.
Check the latest updates from HSBC Auto Finance by visiting the official website of the bank.



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