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HSBC Discover Card

HSBC Discover Card is one of the best credit cards issued by HSBC in collaboration with Discover, a major credit card company that issues a variety of credit cards primarily in the United States. Discover Credit Card was first introduced in 1985 by Sears and it later became a part of Dean Witter and Morgan Stanley. In 2007, Discover Financial Services became a full fledge independent company. HSBC Discover Network Card is issued through Discover Network, which is a business unit of Morgan Stanley and Discover Financial Services. Transactions made with Discover cards are processed through Discover Network payment network.

HSBC Discover Credit Card

HSBC credit cards branded by Discover bring a number of benefits and hassle free services for the users. HSBC Bank Discover Card is accepted at huge number of establishments including website purchases and reservations. Direct and Platinum Discover credit cards from HSBC are widely used by a large number of customers in United States and its neighboring countries. Platinum and Direct cards offer several rewards and cash back benefits with card purchases and transactions. Moreover, these cards have cash back bonus for several categories like travel, department stores, restaurants, home improvement stores, pet stores and many more. You can also get several benefits when purchasing at several exclusive online shopping sites.

HSBC Discover Card Login

With the Online banking facilities of HSBC, it is truly convenient to manage your credit card or any other type of account. By getting registered for the online services, you can just use your user ID and password to login to your account and manage your account without any difficulty. Login to your Discover card account and make online bill payments, transfers and transactions from the comfort of your home or office. Update your account information with your fingertips anytime you like and enjoy a better way of managing your account. Also get emails to remind upcoming payment dues and account activities.

It is advisable for the customers to check overall features before making their HSBC Discover card application. The bank also provides customer service representatives to assist the customers with their questions or when they apply for the cards. Customers can also go for a card pre-qualification process which is completely safe and secure.

They can select a particular card and fill up an online application form and submit it to find whether they can get it or not. Pre-qualification process is risk free however customers are required to have a clear understanding of all the terms and conditions of the credit card before applying for it.

General Customer Services Discover Network 1-888-333-2201
Lost or Stolen Cards Discover Network 1-888-333-2201
Website Technical Support 1-877-737-9705
For the Hearing Impaired (TDD) 1-877-902-0967
Outside of the United States 904-997-4997
A huge range of credit cards branded by MasterCard, Visa and Discover are offered by HSBC Bank. Make your choice after knowing their features.



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