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HSBC CD Rates are quite attractive these days and it has enabled the customers to get the benefits. HSBC offers some of the best rates with their savings and CDs term to the worldwide customers. A CD term with the bank allows you to select a maturity date when you can obtain all your funds that you have deposited. CD stands for certificate of deposit and they are available in a number of terms. HSBC Bank CD rates in the year 2009 have never been consistent and this has obliged the customers to keep a track of today's CD interest rates.

HSBC CD Interest Rate

CD interest rate will differ with the type of term or CD account that you have opened with the bank. The following is a chart showing the different CD term offered by HSBC Bank and the prevailing interest rate and minimum balance to open the account.

CD Products Rates Minimum Opening amount APY Rates
3 to 6 months less 1 day $1000 0.15%
4 months $1000 0.15%
6 to 9 months less 1 day $1000 0.25%
7 months $1000 0.25%
8 months $1000 0.25%
9 to 12 months exactly 1 year $1000 0.35%
11 months $1000 0.35%
1 year plus 1 day $1000 0.55%
13 months $1000 0.55%
15 months $1000 0.55%
2-4 years less 1 day $1000 0.75%
4-10years less 1 day $1000 2.00%

The Annual Percentage Yields and the CD interest rates may change at any time without any prior notice. Moreover, rates available with HSNC bank in New York and that of Canada or UK may also vary.

HSBC CD Account

If you are thinking to get a CD term from HSBC then you can apply online and receive details on the current interest rates of the CD terms. You are just required to pay a minimum deposit amount of $1000 to open any type of HSBC CD account. The CD terms listed above can be opened by visiting any of the local HSBC branch nearest to your area. You can also call at 1-800-975-4722 to get assistance in opening your CD account. HSBC allows you to add money in your online CD during the grace period after maturity as long as your term remains the same. However, the bank charges a CD penalty fee for early withdrawal of money from your account.

It is quick and easy to open an online CD account with HSBC. All you need to do is provide the following details.
  • Your Personal Tax ID or Social Security Number
  • Driver's License or ID card issued by state DMV
  • Current bank account and routing number
  • Secondary applicant's name, Social Security Number and Birth Certificate (for joint account).
You can call at 1-888-404-4050 to contact the Customer Relationship Center for further information.
Get attractive rates with savings and CDs offered by HSBC Bank. Check the CD terms and present interest rate at the bank's website.



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