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Bank of America ATM Limit

Bank of America ATM limit is one of the most important things that you should be aware of when you are using an ATM card offered by the bank. By opening a checking or a savings account with Bank of America you can enjoy a number of hassle free services. Being one of the leading banking institutions of the world, Bank of America offers its locations in all the states and urban areas of the country. The bank provides more than 16,500 ATM locations in the United States and about 12,000 international ATM machines operating under the Global ATM Alliance Membership.

Bank of America ATM Card

Getting an ATM card from Bank of America is very easy as all you have to do is open a saving account with the bank. This card can be used for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. With the help a Bofa ATM card, you can perform a number of activities of your account without visiting the bank. As soon as a customer opens an account, he or she can apply for the ATM card to enjoy fast cash withdrawal, balance check and safe deposit of funds. You can use cash money or checks to make fast deposit. To make deposit with ATM, you are required to insert your card and select either the cash or check option and put the cash money or the check in the slot of the ATM machine. You will receive a deposit slip when your transaction is completed. This slip contains all the details of your transaction.

Bank of America ATM Withdrawal Limits

Bank of America has a pre-defined withdrawal limit using the ATM card provided by the bank. You can withdraw only a specific amount which is the daily limit of the card. Different accounts and ATM cards will have different withdrawal limits. For instance, you can withdraw up to $700 from the available balance in your account using a business ATM card. On the other hand, an ordinary Bofa ATM with Personal Identification Number has a daily cash withdrawal limit of $1,000 from the available account balance. Similarly with withdrawal limits, the bank also has ATM deposit limits which are determined by the type of accounts of the customers.

Finding the ATMs of Bank of America is completely very easy. Just visit the branch locator website of the bank and provide the name of the city, zip code, county or the street where you want to find the ATM of the bank. You can also find the map of the locations and list of the ATM centers in your city. Bank of America also offers reliable customer service to help those customers who need some assistance while finding the services offered by the bank.
Bank of America ATM is located in almost all the major cities and urban areas of the United States of America. Use the locator tool offered by the bank.



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