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American Express Auto

American Express Auto Purchasing Program offers cardmembers enjoy the convenience of down payments, purchase services and help get the best price at many dealers without incurring any additional cost. Amex has several auto participating dealers arranged exclusively for its cardmembers. Through the Auto Purchasing Network, cardmembers can find any participating dealer and can enjoy payment convenience and ease of buying their dream car which is also very rewarding too. All eligible cardmembers can enjoy the automobile purchase program of Amex which provides comprehensive automotive buying services when they use American Express eligible card.

American Express Auto Purchasing Program Review

Through American Express Auto Purchasing Network, cardmembers can get the best price quote which everyone deemed a perfect pricing feature. Buying a car at a participating dealer using American Express eligible card can be a great rewarding too. They can negotiate the price that they deserve, pay with the card for any purchase amount, and there is no any additional dealer fees at all. Cardmembers will also enjoy exciting discount in addition to the best price quote with American Express Auto Purchasing Program.

American Express Auto Insurance

American Express provides a broad range of insurance programs with a wide coverage in each plan. Cardmembers such as Platinum, Blue, Gold, Green, Costco Platinum and several others can enjoy Amex exclusive insurance plans provided exclusively for them when they are abroad traveling or shopping anywhere around the world. American Express provides exclusive auto rental insurance against any loss and damage of rental vehicle when cardmembers use Amex eligible card in reserving and paying for the rental. The company also provides automatic travel insurance including flight automatic insurance to cardmembers for traveling under special condition. Beside automatic travel insurance coverage, such cardmembers can also enjoy exceptional customer service with round the clock assistance. When cardmembers reserve or make payment for any auto rental using Amex eligible card and from the participating partners, they can also benefit and enjoy amazing rental discount.

Amex offers competitive auto insurance rates. Individuals can easily find the best plans and get the best insurance quote from the online service provided to its loyal customers. For claims, cardmembers should give the detailed statement and all the required documents with precise information to support for the claim.

The online service provided by American Express has enabled cardmembers to enjoy the ease of making payment at their own convenience. Cardmembers can freely enroll to online and enjoy automatic payment service provided by Amex. The AutoPay program facilitates cardmembers to enjoy automatic bill pay and other payments as they are automatically deducted from the bank account of the cardmembers. For more details about American Express Auto and related information including auto loan and more, please visit the official website of the company.



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