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American Express Bank

With the approval of the Federal Reserve System, American Express became a bank holding company in 2008 allowing the credit card giant to accept deposits from the public. Earlier history says that Amex was founded as a joint stock corporation with the merger of the express companies which were owned by Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Warren Butterfield, and started its first operation as an express mail business in Albany, New York. American Express underwent a lot of transition in the past several years with merging and acquiring with several banking institutions in the course of servicing its products and services. The company acquired the credit card portfolio of Bank of Hawaii in 2000 but soon it was sold to Bank of America. Despite controversy over issuing of American Express cards in the United States, Bank of America and American Express entered into an agreement in 2005 that Bank of America will own the customer loans and American Express will process the transactions. Since then, the two companies continue their existing card-issuing partnership and introduce the first card- No Annual-Fee Bank of America Rewards American Express Cards. Today the card offer earning of Worldpoints for every dollar spend with 1.25 worldpoints.

American Express Bank Ltd

American Express Bank, having its head office at New York, USA, under the CEO of Steven D. Goldstein is operating through a large network of branch locations across worldwide. It has its significant presence in almost all the key international locations. The company has established 129 partnerships across global markets servicing its products and services. The company has several operating branches in international locations such as Argentina, Australia, Mexico SA, Bangladesh, Dubai, Bahrain, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Geneva, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, UK, Philippines, Japan, UAE, and Singapore etc. Individuals will find many branch offices in London, Deutschland, Manila, Dhaka, BD, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Paris, Frankfurt, Jakarta, and many. Individuals in the US will find extensive operating offices in NYC, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, and San Diego etc. Career conscious and job seeking individuals will find in the above locations and several international locations, offering jobs in various positions providing opportunities to build dynamic careers and to help realize individual’s professional goals. Interested individuals may log in to the career site of the company to get the full information about 2010 recruitment and vacancies, and more details about Amex’s jobs, career opportunities.

American Express Bank FSB

With the winning of the Federal Reserve’s approval to become a bank holding company, American Express has started offering banking products recently. However, American Express Bank Ltd. which is a commercial bank from American Express Co. was recently sold to Standard Chartered. The company has started offering Savings and CD products which the bank made available only through online in its website. The American Express Federal Savings Bank offers current savings account rate at 1.85% which is very competitive when compare with several top rates including Ally bank’s savings rate. The online high yield savings account and CD offered by American Express Bank, FSB have no minimum balances and customers can deposit or transfer upto $250,000 per day. All deposits at Amex are insured at FDIC to the maximum extent.

American Express Bank, FSB Company is an FDIC insured bank which is a member of the American Express family. The routing number for American Express Bank, FSB is 124085066. Opening an account at Amex is very simple as applications and transactions can be done easily online. Personal Savings from American Express is available 24/7. Individuals can visit at or can simply call the customer service phone number 1-800-446-6307. For depositing checks and other correspondence regarding Personal Savings deposit accounts, individuals may send to the following mailing address:

American Express Bank, FSB
P.O. Box 30384
Salt Lake City, Utah 84130

American Express Bank New York

The American Express Bank Limited in New York provides extensive services catering to the wide range needs of the consumers. Routing Number or ABA Number is issued differently with respect to regions, types of account or transactions etc. For your convenience, here we provide the Routing or ABA Number of American Express Bank in New York. It is 026001591. Customers can find their respective ABA Number in the check or statement issued by the bank. They can also call the number given at the back of the check or visit the nearest branch office. The Swift Code for Amex Bank in New York is AEIBUS33.

American Express Centurion Bank in Utah, a subsidiary of Credit Card and Travel Giant American Express also issues and services the Amex’s Credit/Debit Cards. Besides, the bank also offers consumer charge cards and CDs to retail and institutional consumers. Its contact address is 6985 Union Park Center, Ste. 235 Midvale, UT 84047, Utah, phone number- 801-945-3000. American Express Gift Cheques can be used like cash at most shops, hotels and restaurants and individuals can also accept a gift cheque from any person. For more information about American Express Bank and its Annual Report, and other related details such as GMBH, City Bank, Issuing bank, Private etc. please visit the official website of the company. Individuals also may log on to check the Rating and reviews of the Amex’s Bank, Savings account, Money Market, Sale and promotion etc.



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