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American Express Merchant

Merchants who accept American Express Cards can experience the many benefits of exclusive business insights, marketing and resources, and support and services from American Express Merchant Services. Through its Global Merchant Services, Amex helps merchants deliver the best payment solutions to their diverse customers. Amex offers competitive merchant account rates and is well known for its discount rate policy. The company has been encouraging businesses to add American Express cards in their existing list of payment options as it can help them access to a number of opportunities.

The American Express Network is supporting hundreds of thousands of merchants in the United States offering information whether or not they are American Express merchant. Merchants are allowed to receive a monthly financial activity statement helping them track the company business. A category code is assigned to all merchants based on their business activity. Amex also assigned two other codes to its merchants- one for an authorization code and the other for address verification in order to provide them with more and better information. Based on the volume of transactions all American Express merchants are grouped into one of three levels for data security purpose. The data security requirements of merchants will be based on their level of their business which comes under. The American Express PCI Security Standards that compliance with Data Security Operating Policy helps merchant boost confidence with their customers and business activity.

American Express Merchant Services

Merchants who accept Amex’s cards can freely enroll to online merchant service which is free of cost and can access easy-to-use account management features anytime they like. They can simply log on using their User ID and password to view payments and spends reports. They can efficiently manage cash flow with daily updated account statements; get fast access to detailed transactions; settle disputes; and save money by reducing no reply chargeback etc. Merchants who are not registered also can visit merchant login home page and can sign in to access marketing programs, supplies, and spend reports etc. Merchants are able to create better image of their business with the help of Amex check presenters which helps them attract many high-spending cardmembers of American Express. Those merchants accepting purchase orders over phone, internet, and mail order can easily integrate their card processing right away from their computers with the help of PurchaseExpress Online service. Merchants can enjoy zero transaction fees and other American Express charges by availing online services for all their transactions. The merchant products and services basics can tell you all the benefits and rewards that merchants can enjoy on becoming an American Express merchant.

American Express Merchant Agreement

Merchants can enjoy the unique customer service besides the product and facility that Amex offers on becoming an Amex merchant. To apply for acceptance of American Express Card, merchants should clearly understand the terms and conditions for application as well as violation of certain rules and regulations which are stated in the Acceptance Agreement. The American Express Merchant Regulations- US states everything regarding the policies and procedures for acceptance of American Express Card. The Regulations offers best practices, useful information with comprehensive toolkits and facilities in helping merchants businesses. On approval of the application, merchant will immediately receive the merchant acct which will allow one to start processing transactions.

American Express Merchant Services Phone Number

American Express provides exceptional customer service which is backed by 24/7 online service and a collection of telephone number specifically to help and address all queries, problems and complaints of every merchant. Merchants may contact the following respective phone numbers to reach American Express Merchant Services center:

Customer Service: 1-800-528-5200
Online Merchant Services: 1-800-374-2639
Merchant Toolkit: 1-866-871-8567
Apply to Accept Card (Non Franchise): 1-800-445-2639
Apply to Accept Card (Franchise): 1-800-222-3781

For more info regarding American Express Merchant and details like Merchant of Venice Tickets, Fees of 2009 and 2010, Merchant Map, Online Services and more please visit the official website of the company.



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