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American Express Business Travel

American Express Business Travel Division is a global leader in business travel management helping companies design and manages travel programs with unique expense management solutions. It helps companies worldwide in maximizing their potential through better tools including increased cost savings, greater spending control and superior customer service. Its target clients range from small businesses to large corporations from around the world. A survey which studied the relationship between the business travel spending with company’s sales and profits conducted by the American Express Business Travel Services group has confirmed that there is a consistent link between travel growth and revenue growth. Having known this, American Express, with its industry-leading tools and resources helps companies design and manage the entire travel programs.

Amex has the ability to monitor travelers’ activity right from the start till finished enabling companies to take greater control of their travel programs. The Business Travel Advisory Services group of Amex provides tools and management consulting services in helping companies manage their travel and entertainment spend facilitating them to optimize the return of their investment in travel and entertainment. The services focus on providing travel strategy, strategic sourcing and program optimization.

American Express Business My Travel Plans

Cardmembers of American Express can take the privilege of the great travel deals offered by the company in booking airfares, hotels, car rental and many other personal services. With the Travel Axiom program, cardmembers also can enjoy the services that help find, book, and manage other business programs including airport parking, dining reservation, entertainment tickets and many more. Cardmembers of Amex’s cards such as Platinum etc. can enjoy the wide range benefits which offer the privilege to explore the world of opportunities. Placing all travel related issues at the hands of Amex Travel Services; cardmembers can comfortably manage their entire travel programs from the convenience of their online account created as My Travel Plans. Amex travel agent can help achieve everything from start till finished.

Having being operating through a number of travel center around the world, Amex travel services can help address any travel related needs of its cardmembers and companies from across the world. Cardmembers are ensured with wide travel insurance coverage for any untoward accident, lost or stolen of card and luggage, rental car damage, and other emergency assistance backed by round the clock phone number. Amex Business Travel Division also provides useful forecast tools and information to the frequent travelers and businesses facilitating them stay well informed and allow taking necessary measures before hand. Individuals can check in to see information of Amex’s Travel Forecast 2011 which is available online.

American Express Business Travel Login

The online service offered by the American Express is the portal to the services of business travel program of Amex. Besides comprehensive industry-leading tools and resources, American Express Business Travel Services provides unique global customer service which is made available both online as well as offline. Through its dynamic online community center Business Travel ConneXion and its website, American Express provides deep insights of the business travel industry best practices, research and latest news in the industry. Amex online is an interactive travel services tool which is powered by GetThere. With the AXO/GetThere service, customers can take the privilege of easy booking process and presents the information in a more concise way with easy-to-read formats to further enhance the traveler experience in booking tickets and other travel related programs.

Cardmembers can simply enroll to the Online Service which is the portal to the American Express business travel services and information. Registered users can simply sign in using the Login ID, Password and Corporate ID like RRD for example. Whereas new users can enroll by creating an account providing the personal information in order to get a User ID and password for login purpose. If in case customers forgot the User ID, password and corporate ID while trying to log in, they may contact the customer support phone number for US & Canada at 1-888-872-3571. American Express online provides simple and easy access for business travel reservations and provides convenience, comfort and control.

American Express Business Travel Services has several agent offices throughout the world catering to the wide range needs of the consumers and businesses. Customers can find the significant presence of Amex business travel services in Houston, Newcastle, Germany, France, Mexico, Copenhagen, Croydon in UK, Singapore, Gotteborg and Sverige in Sweden, Melbourne in Australia, and many other international locations. Individuals can find exciting careers and job opportunities from American Express Business Travel services area. For detailed jobs and career opportunities at Amex Business Travel and various job vacancies in several branch locations in the US as well as international locations please visit the career site of the company. Needless to mention but for your knowledge, Charles Pettrucelli is the President of the American Express Business Travel Division.

For more details about Amex Business Travel and related information like Business Travel AB company, Record Locator and the like please log on to the official website of the company. Individuals also can find the detailed review of the Business Travel services and other useful information.



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