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American Express Network

American Express Global Network Services lets cardmembers get the most out of their card and membership. Through its global infrastructure and powerful appeal of the brand, the company has further broaden its network globally providing customers broad range of products, insights and experiences bringing more lives to individuals and drive businesses to success. Amex is operating the world’s largest travel network serving consumers and businesses around the world. Through its Open Forum network, Amex provides comprehensive and unique business solutions to small businesses and large corporations worldwide. Cardmembers and potential individuals can explore American Express Network and can enjoy exclusive deals on travel, shopping, dining, entertainment and many more.

Through the American Express Network, all cardmembers can enjoy a wide range of features and benefits such as convenience to pay at hundreds of thousands of merchants worldwide, exclusive offers when travel, shop, and extraordinary experiences including online promotions, access special events and travel assistance etc.

American Express Network Daily Wish

Daily Wish Network from American Express provides comprehensive daily offers and savings from travel, shopping and entertainment etc. Cardmembers can explore shopping and entertainment offers at Daily Wish where one can get the products of their choice at the price they wish for. Through Daily Wish program American Express teamed up with hundreds of famous brands only to give its cardmembers exclusive access to amazing offers at the price they wish for. Cardmembers can find everything from electronics and fashion to travel packages, extraordinary experiences, and much more.

American Express Network Auto Purchasing Program

Through the Auto Buying Program Network from American Express, cardmembers can enjoy the convenience of using Amex eligible card for down payments and exclusive purchase services at several partner dealers. Cardmembers can get the best deals with actual price quote and exceptional purchase services without incurring any additional cost. Amex Car Buying program provides extensive convenience plus very rewarding if purchasers use American Express eligible card for the purchase.

The American Express Closed Loop Network which facilitates Amex to attract both cardmembers as well as hundreds of thousands of merchants into its network has enabled the company to take advance advantage in the card business. Through its Representative Travel Network, Amex helps businesses thrive in today’s challenging market with more revenue and cost saving opportunities. Business owners can enjoy exclusive marketing and social networking programs. American Express also launched a marketing campaign known as Small Business Saturday, called after a Saturday Thanksgiving to encourage shoppers to spend at locally owned stores and merchants boosting the use of its card. The launched of new Macy’s American Express Card provides cardholders more in-store benefits when shopping at Macy’s, and other special benefits including travel, dining and retail offers. For your knowledge, Amex Network Branded Prepaid Card is subject to the same zero liability protection provided by the American Express.

For detailed information about American Express Network and to know related details such as Dell, Dish Network and Learning Network at Amex and more, please log on to the official website of the company.



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