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American Express Office

American Express is offering a broad spectrum of products and services through a large network of branch offices catering to the wide range needs and requirements of consumers and businesses around the world. Amex is a global leading financial services company having its presence in more than 1,700 locations in over 130 countries worldwide. It has its corporate head office in New York City, NY, USA. The major offices of American Express are located in NYC, Fort Lauderdale, Salt Lake City, Greensboro NC, and Phoenix AZ. The wide range products and services of Amex that caters to help meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses around the world have led to the wide expansion of the company’s operations. The company has operating offices in almost every location in the US. Internationally, American Express has a significant presence in locations such as Australia, UK, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and many more.

As Amex offers great deals on card payment, and travel related services as well to customers worldwide, the company has travel service office almost everywhere around the world. The company is operating the world’s largest travel network serving the diverse consumers, businesses and large corporations’ travel programs with unique solutions. Providing every convenience to travelers around the world, Amex also offers extensive foreign exchange services by operating various exchange office in almost every major locations around the world. Through Regus and Platinum Office Program, American Express offer a wide range of professional office space solutions and business services in over thousands of locations with 450 plus city centers across the world.

American Express Office Locations

American Express has a large network of branch offices throughout the United States as well as in several international locations. To help loyal customers find their desired branch office or the nearest operating office in their area, American Express has provided a convenient and simple to use tool on its official website which is known as Location Finder. Customers or any interested individuals can log on and locate any American Express branch office of their choice using this simple and easy to use tool. Customers in the USA will find Amex large operating offices in locations such as NYC, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston MA, San Francisco, Austin Texas, Denver, Manhattan, Miami, Philadelphia, Newcastle, Arizona, Alpharetta GA, Auckland, Las Vegas, Oakland, Orlando, Beverly Hills, Dallas, San Diego, Wollongong, Walnut Creek CA, Garden City, Baltimore, Palo Alto and many more. To locate branch office in the US, customers may be found out by providing the Zip Code, City Name or Street of the location they are looking for. Customers outside of the US also can easily find any branch office of the American Express by providing city name and country in the space provided.

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American Express Corporate Head Office Address
World Financial Center, 200 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10285
United States
Phone Number: 212-640-2000
Fax: 212-619-9230

American Express Payment Office
General enquiries
American Express
P.O. Box 981540
El Paso,
TX 79998-1540

Bill payment
American Express,
P.O. Box 360001,
Fort Lauderdale,
FL 33336-0001

Bill payment overnight
American Express
US Payment Florida
2965 West Corporate Lakes Blvd
Weston FL 33331-3626

For detailed American Express Office and their office depot addresses, images and telephone numbers, please visit the official website of the company and use the Location Finder Tool.



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