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American Express Pass

American Express offers Pass Card which is an alternative to credit and debit card that parents can give to their teens and adults. Cardmembers can use the Pass Card in stores, restaurants, theaters and more anywhere in the world wherever American Express Card is accepted. Amex Corporate Platinum Cardmembers are offered to gain entry into over hundreds of airport lounges across worldwide through American Express priority Pass Airport Lounge Benefit program. With the Priority Pass, Corporate Platinum cardmembers will have access to several airport lounges throughout the world by just presenting the Priority Pass to the lounge operator or the authority. Amex Lan Pass Visa Credit Card holders who travels and use their card on Lan Airlines, hotels and resorts can earn amazing reward points and discounts. Amex Preferred Cardmembers can transfer their Membership Reward points into their One Pass account and can redeem on travel reward when it is right and convenient for them on the preferred Star Alliance airline.

American Express Pass Card

Pass Card from American Express is a wide preferred choice for many parents and teens as it is safer than cash and an easy way for parents to give teens the money they need, and as teens can only spend upto the preloaded amount and as such there is no way of impacting their credit status.

American Express Pass Card is a prepaid reloadable card in which purchaser and cardmembers can reload anytime whenever available balance runs low or needs arise. Pass Card can use anywhere in ATMs, stores, online, theaters, and restaurants wherever American Express Card is accepted. Pass Cardholders are charged with fees of $3.95 per month as monthly membership fee and $1.50 as ATM fee for every withdrawal. Cardmembers should however also know that banks may charge their own fees for the withdrawal of money. Pass Card holders can enjoy the freedom to activate and reload anytime and as many time as they like as there are no fees for activating or reloading the card. Amex Pass Card has no minimum balance requirement but set maximum balance and monthly load amount at $2,500 at any one time.

American Express Pass Login

American Express Pass Card account is easy and simple to manage and maintain as both purchaser as well as holder can both jointly manage online. They can add money anytime through online or by phone either from an American Express Card or a bank account. Parent or purchaser as well as cardmember can log in to the card online account and check the card available balance, review transaction history, and set up alerts to receive important information etc. If both Pass Cardmembers and Card purchasers forget their User ID and Password or have problems, they may call the customer service representative at 1-877-405-7277 or visit the to go through the online password reset process. Individuals outside of the US may call 1-801-945-9559.

American Express Pass Promotion

Individuals who don’t have an American Express Pass Card can take advantage of the rewarding promotional offer of the card. Applicants can receive bonus $50 in their first reload if they use the appropriate promo code while applying for the card. The promotion offer of the Pass Card from Amex is rewarding enough to its applicants that once activated, cardmembers can use it to enjoy with whatever they like. One could receive also free $25 bonus provided applicants use the right and appropriate promo code of the offer.

Through the Rewards Mall, an online shopping portal for every Amex Pass Cardmembers, Pass card holders can enjoy amazing discounts, bonus and special offers from hundreds of merchants. Pass Cardmembers need not enroll in the Rewards Mall program as they are enrolled and have full access to the benefit automatically on becoming a cardmember.

Amex Corporate Platinum Cardmembers can take the privilege and enjoy the opportunity of greater access to hundreds of airport lounges throughout the world. Cardmembers can become a member of the Priority Pass program by simply filling and meeting the application form requirements and send it back to American Express so to enjoy the once in a lifetime benefit and experience. It is advised that Amex Priority Pass application form is individual and it is non transferable. Eligible cardmembers of American Express can take advance privilege in knowing the password or code for presale tickets of the various events and shows in the country. They can gain password of presale tickets for various events and shows including the Usher Tickets, New Kids on the Block, Bon Jovi, Weezer, and many others before they are made available to the general public. Ticketmaster and membership rewards program will help everything so to allow cardmembers access to various happenings and shows in the US.

For more details about American Express Pass and other related info such as Prepaid Credit Card Brochure, PayPass, and Pass Card in California, please visit the official website of the company. Individuals also can obtain information about American Express Passport related details including services, renewal, Macy’s Passport Gala 2005 and others like Passion Pit, Citi Premier Pass, and many others.



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