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American Express Offers

American Express offers are one of the world’s most rewarding benefit program and scheme offering to cardmembers and individuals. The exclusive offers provided by Amex to its cardmembers through its Membership Rewards program are one of the world’s most generous and inclusive schemes till date. As a loyal customer, Amex cardmember have the priority access to exclusive timeshare offers of American Express wide range rewards and benefits which include Travel, Hotel stays, Dining, Entertainment, Shopping, Gift Card etc. Amex also offers individuals online access to its world-class credit cards and charge cards including personal, business and corporate cards such as Gold, Platinum, Blue, Delta, Hilton Honors etc. Cardmembers are offered the opportunity to explore the extraordinary experience which seems will happen only once in a lifetime.

American Express Offers Zone

Through the Selects Offers program, Amex cardmembers can always look forward to experience special offers and can earn amazing discounts and bonus from various merchants. At the offers zone, cardmembers can receive amazing discount and bonus rewards like Best Buy save 30% off $300 on various merchandise items from the various partnered stores and brands. Cardmembers can earn limitless reward points from the everyday purchases and can redeem hundreds of thousands of rewards ranging from travel, hotel, car rentals, merchandise goods etc.

Amex adds one point to the cardmembers’ cards for every dollar they spend or every new purchase they made using the card. Amex also offers a wide range of gift cards that can be used in various restaurants, stores and brands in the US.

American Express Travel Offers

Cardmembers can enjoy the exclusive deals of American Express Travel offers. Amex helps book tickets and provides all the necessary amenities and services for all travel related issues. Wherever cardmembers may travel or move around the world whether for business purpose or any leisure vacation and trip, Amex assured the complete safety and security to every travelers. They are covered and protected with a wide range insurance coverage of Amex which includes travel insurance, car rental damage, accident, lost or stolen of card and luggage etc. Cardmembers can enjoy round the clock assistance of Amex exceptional customer service which is backed by global assist hotline making available 24/7.

Amex also provides exclusive ticket offers whether for travel and vacation or to access to any exciting shows and events that is taking place in the country. Cardmembers can get amazing discount and bonus for booking tickets using Amex Card at ticketmaster center. Booking tickets for any travel using American Express Card is always an added advantage. Through the Ticket Access online program, cardmembers can enjoy the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance before they are actually made available to the general public. They can easily get access to must-see shows and events such as concerts, sports, broadway hits, and many others. Amex also offers competitive rate and fees on balance transfer.

All offers of American Express are exclusive to its cardmembers, and they can take the opportunity to enjoy the wide range benefit program. To avail or to get access to any offered rewards, cardmembers have to always check and know the offer code or the promotion code of the particular product and service. For more information about American Express Offers and to know in detailed about Amex secured credit cards, checks, tuition reimbursement, debt settlement, hotel CY, and more please log on to the official website of the company.



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