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American Express Stock

American Express Common Stock was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1977 and since then the company has been trading on the NYSE under the ticker symbol AXP. Amex Stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Bank of New York is the American Express Company’s Transfer Agent and handles all Amex Certificated Shares and Dividends related services such as transfer of share ownership, reissued of check and replacement of share certificate etc. Amex stock splits history shows that during 1968 and 1972 it was 3 for 1, February 1983- 4 for 3, August 1983- 3 for 2, 1987- 2 for 1, and in 2000 it was 3 for 1 again. The Company however in 1994, in addition distributed a stock dividend of the shares that the company held in Lehman Brothers at one share of Lehman common stock for five shares that American Express owned.

American Express Stock Price

The Stock price and quote of American Express keep changing depending on the stock market conditions. The stock performance has always seen ups and downs throughout the history of the company and still, thus stock chart of the company have to everyday change as per the performance and information of the company’s stock value in the market. As of the last closing date, Amex stock price was closed at $45.79 with a change percent of 0.46% down from the previous closing date.

American Express stock news and several other related details are provided by a number of online stock information providers besides official website of the company. Shareholders and any individuals interested in knowing American Express common stock details can check or review the company stock chart as well as stock analysis from the various experts and analysts either at the official website of the company or from any online information providers.

Amex offers Dividend Reinvestment program but at this time the company is not offering buy-back program to small shareholders. If small shareholders wants to liquidate their holdings at minimum expense, they should consider selling their shares either through one of the low cost Internet brokerage services or, if they holds atleast 10 shares, they can enroll them in the Company’s Shareholder’s Stock Purchase Plan and can instruct the Plan Administrator to sell the shares. Shareholders who want to enroll in the Company’s Dividend Reinvestment program must atleast holds 10 shares or purchase 10 shares through the Company’s Shareholders Stock Purchase Plan. They can obtain prospectus and enrollment materials by simply calling the Company’s Transfer Agent toll-free number at 1-800-463-5911. For more details on American Express Stock and related info, individuals may please visit the official website of the company mentioned below.



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