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American Express Card

American Express is best known for its credit card, charge card and traveler’s cheque businesses, and is the world’s largest card issuer by purchase volume. The company is also the largest provider of corporate cards offering a comprehensive array of commercial cards. Amex offered lists of cards includes for personal, small business, corporate and prepaid cards. Customers are offered and given the options to make comparison of all available cards by benefit range and choose from the wide range that suit their needs and lifestyle. American Express cards by benefits consist of Most Popular cards, Air Travel Rewards, Premium Rewards, Hotel Rewards, No Annual Fee, Membership Rewards, Cash Rebate and Savings, and many other options. All Amex’s cards are designed with unique set of features, colors, and levels of benefits. Customers can choose and apply the suitable cards and get a number of benefits with no limit of points earning and expiration date as such. Amex offers highest customer satisfaction services, great travel deals with emergency travel assistance and car rental insurance coverage, protection for all eligible purchases and no liability for unauthorized charges etc.

Amex offers a broad spectrum of cards with unique features and set of benefit levels and rewards considering the different types of holders and diverse needs and requirements of the card members. The company offers card for all range of people with different credit history whether good or bad. There are cards for people with bad credit, average credit, with fair credit, and cards even after bankruptcy.

Amex also provides credit cards for college students and kids. Individuals can choose from the wide range of Amex’s Premium Rewards Cards such as Zync, Green, Gold, Platinum; Payment Cards such as Blue Sky, Blue Sky Preferred, Blue Cash, Blue, Clear, and TrueEarnings; Air Travel Partner Cards like Gold Delta, Platinum Delta, Delta Reserve, and JetBlue; and Hotel Partner Cards such as Hilton HHonors, Hilton HHonors Surpass, Starwood Preferred Guest; and Prepaid cards called PASS which is available for teens. Amex also offers Gift Card, Black Card and Centurion Card.

American Express Card Benefits

American Express cardholders are offered exciting card benefits in various ways. Cardholders can enroll to Membership Rewards Express Program and earn one point for every dollar spend using the card and the earned points can be used against travels, hotels, entertainment, and dining etc. Blue from American Express allows savings through the Blue Savings Program. Amex’s Cardholders can enjoy a variety of other benefits such as discounts on hotels, airfares and shop, travel insurance, extended warranty, and round the clock services and helpline phone number for lost or stolen of card etc. American Express offers competitive exchange rate and foreign transaction fee. Having an American Express card really does help the credit, and worth being a card member. It works simply and rewards simply too. Application of Amex’s card is simple and easy and activation is approved quickly. One can check the status of the application and status of balance transfer with just a click.

American Express Card Login

Cardholders of American Express can enjoy the simple, easy and secure online services provided by the company. They can view and manage all accounts in one page. Cardholders can log in using the User ID and Password and enjoy the ease of banking online. They can simply sign in to make bill pay and other expenses online. Amex online payment is easy, fast and secure with additional security features. Cadholders are provided security code which facilitates that only the holder can make payment for online purchases. Cardholders can also logon to check the activity of the card such as payment history, online statement, available credit balance, and view reward points etc. Interested customers can visit the login page and apply online and also check the application status simultaneously. They can also cancel the application online.

American Express Card Customer Services

Amex’s cardholders can enjoy the most customer satisfaction services of its representatives with round the clock emergency assistance and telephone numbers. They are provided travel assistance 24/7 for any kind of accident, stolen or lost of card. Safety and Security of its customers and providing convenient to customers is the primary concern at American Express. Amex’s customer representatives are available 24/7 in phone as well as online. For detailed information about American Express Card and more info on Benefit Center, Acceptance Agreement, Qualifications and Eligibility, Rankings and more please visit the official website of the company. Customers may also contact the following phone numbers:

Customer Service : 1-800-528-4800
Pay Bill : 1-800-IPAY-AXP (1-800-472-9297)
APPLY BY PHONE : 1-800-223-2670
EXPRESS CASH (USA) : 1-800-CASH-NOW (1-800-227-4669)
GIFT CARD : 1-877-AXP-GIFT (1-877-297-4438)
PASS CARD : 1-877-405-7277



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