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American Express Prepaid Card

American Express Prepaid Card includes Pass and Gift Cards which are very popular and can be used anywhere in stores, theaters, hotels, and restaurants wherever American Express Cards are accepted. Amex Pass Card is a prepaid reloadable card which parents give as an alternative to credit and debit card to their teens and adults the money they need. It is a wide preferred choice card since it is safer than cash and as purchaser and cardmembers can reload anytime whenever balance gets low. Amex also offers a wide range of Gift Cards designed with unique features and benefit range available for all range of people and for all kinds of occasion and seasons. Gift Cards from American Express is also another great way of gifting which cardmembers can give to someone if he/she finds no suitable or desire gift item to give. Amex cardmembers can use Membership Reward points to buy gift cards.

Gift Cards from American Express is neither a credit nor a debit card. It is a prepaid payment device having a dollar value either printed on the front of the card or with a variable load amount for which purchaser have to select at the time of purchase of the card. Gift cards offered by American Express are not redeemable for cash however, and it is not transferable too. It is issued by American Express Prepaid Card Management Corporation (AEPCMC). Its issuer, American Express Prepaid Card Management Company has outlined several terms and conditions for the use of the gift cards offered by the Amex. Cardmembers and individuals applying for the gift cards of Amex may always refer the terms and conditions that are clearly stated in its agreement regarding its use and restrictions of the card in certain cases.

American Express Prepaid Card Balance

The value on the gift card at any point of time is the available balance of the gift card. The funds on the card do not expire and as long as there is available funds, cardmembers can use the card at any merchants and retailers in the US wherever American Express Card is welcomed. The new rules of using Amex gift cards is that there are no charges of fees whatsoever after the purchased of the card. Cardmembers also can use the card to make purchase over internet or even by mail order. Cardmembers can register their card account and can manage easily online. They can anytime and from anywhere log in to the card account to check the available balance on the card. Amex gift cardholders experiencing any difficulty on making online purchase or by mail order may anytime call the customer service representative for assistance at 1-877-297-4438. American Express Pass cardmembers need not register their card to the benefit program as they are automatically enrolled on becoming a cardmember.

Amex Prepaid Card offers exciting rewards program with amazing benefits on value back and several others. Cardmembers could get $100 value back on an American Express Branded Prepaid Card when they buy a set of certain items at Bridgestone. For more details about American Express Prepaid Card and related information, please visit the official website of the company.



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