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American Express Green Card

American Express Green Card is a charge card which was launched and came into appeared for the first time in 1958. Beside Green Card, Amex also issued several charge cards including Gold, Platinum and Zync, and they are designed with unique features with a wide range of rewards and benefits program. Green Card offered by Amex is slightly different from those of Gold and Zync in terms of fees and cost of using the card, while benefit schemes carry almost the same. The difference between Amex Green Card Vs Gold and Zync is clearly visible that, while Green Card annual fee starts at $95, Gold Card annual fee starts at $125 and Zync at just $25. The Gold Card of Amex costs $75 each year while the basic Green Card is available at $55 with just a $15 charge for additional cards.

American Express Green Card Review

A glance at the reviews of most reviewed credit and charge cards shows that American Express Green Card has earned the highest average rating as compared to other credit and charge cards. Amex Green Card has no pre-set spending limit and cardmembers will pay no annual fee for first year after it’s purchased. As cardmembers will pay the card in full each month, there are no interest charges and as such APR on purchases has nothing to do with. American Express Preferred Rewards Green Card offers appealing rewards program, have no interest rate charges as such and serve as an alternative to cash. Cardholders can enjoy cash advance facilities and can withdraw from anywhere and anytime to meet the needful. The Preferred Rewards Green Card does not have a preset credit limit too. But keep in mind that getting approval for the American Express Preferred Rewards Green Card requires having an excellent credit score.

There is no point to state in particular whether American Express Green Card is good or bad or to say it is really worth it having one. Individuals can only feel and experience the exhilaration of the rewards and benefits of the card on becoming a cardmember only. American Express does not publicly state the exact qualifications and requirements for the application of the Green Card. However, it is required that applicants should be a citizen of the US, above 18 years of age, and must not have charged or faced with any bad credit record or scam related issues that applicants will be denied for the reason. To apply Amex Green Card online, applicants have to enter the Zip Code and the 14 character RSVP Code which is located in the mail offer.

American Express Green Card Benefits

Cardmembers of American Express Green Card are provided with a wide range of rewards and benefits. They can enjoy the Membership Rewards program that offer cardmembers to earn points for every dollar they spend using the card. Amex offers extended warranty benefit, purchase protection, and wide range of travel benefits with exclusive deals. Cardmembers are provided and ensured with emergency assistance hotline that can help arrange legal, medical, financial or any untoward accident while away from home. Amex also provides travel accident insurance which covers for the accidental death and dismemberment of its cardmembers while traveling.

With the user-friendly online service provided by Amex, cardmembers can enjoy making payment or meeting any financial obligation from the convenience of their personal internet-connected computers whenever they like or needs arise. Online payment is very simple plus quick and safe as well. Cardmembers can simply visit the login home and sign in to enjoy the ease and convenience of banking online. For detailed information about American Express Green Card and related details like grace period, rewards and benefits and more, please log on to the official website of the company.



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