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American Express One

As American Express is best known and for its world class credit cards, charge cards and travelers cheques, Amex offers a comprehensive range of cards for personal and business use. The company introduced a variety of consumer charge cards such as Green, Gold, and Platinum and also offers several credit cards with similar colors and features to consumers worldwide. Several charge cards are also offered by Amex for small businesses to help them manage their everyday expenses. The company is also the world’s largest issuer of corporate cards. Besides, Amex also offers a comprehensive range of commercial cards which are designed with features and benefits specifically to support mid-size and large corporations manage their travel and day-to-day expenses.

American Express introduced a variety of cards between 1940s and ‘90s with unique designs and set of features. Of these Optima True card was one which was designed to offer a grace period on all purchases. However, the card was discontinued some years later but now the similar kind of card known as “One” from American Express offers a similar feature. One from American Express was introduced in 2005, which is a credit card that has a Savings Accelerator Plan that contributes 1% of all eligible purchases into FDIC-insured High Yield Savings Account. Beside comprehensive range of card products, American Express also provides exclusive deals on consumer and business travel related services with unique solutions and interactive travel tools and resources. Amex also offers Pass Card, an alternative to credit and debit card that parents can give to their teens and adults, and which can be used in stores, restaurants, and theaters etc.

American Express One Point Program

Through its Membership Rewards program Amex offers the world’s most generous and exclusive rewards and benefits to its cardmembers. Eligible cardholders whether credit cards or charge cards from American Express can enjoy the wide range of rewards and benefits that comes with membership. Using Amex eligible Cards for everyday purchases will enable cardmembers explore and enjoy amazing experiences which seems would happen once in a lifetime. Cardmembers can earn one point for virtually every dollar spend on all eligible purchases, and can earn even double points on certain purchases using Amex Card. They can earn unlimited points and can redeem from hundreds of thousands of rewards including travels, hotels, cruises, shopping, entertainment and more. They can also get exciting bonus and discounts from the various partner brands, merchants and airlines. Cardmembers will experience benefit such as ‘Buy one ticket get one free’ and several other similar amazing rewards and benefits that comes membership. Amex TrueEarnings Cardholders can enjoy the benefit of Two Cards in one, which they can use both as an American Express credit card and as a Costco membership card.

Cardmembers can enjoy the convenience of 24/7 account access. They can anytime at their comfort access to their card account from anywhere and whenever they feel like or needs arise. Those customers having either a High Yield Savings or Certificate of Deposit Account at Amex can simply maximize their financial potential and can enjoy watching them grow from the convenience of their personal computer. Registered cardmembers can simply sign in using their login ID and password to manage their account, pay bill, view recent transactions, check reward points, and more from the Amex interactive online service.

American Express offers a new online security and privacy products to its potential cardmembers called ‘Disposable Credit Card Number’ which allows cardmembers to log on to a secure web site and receive a one-time-use credit card number to make purchases over the internet. It is a free service offered to consumer cardholders and small businesses serving as an advance online security tool for retailers as well as customers. For more details about American Express One Card and related info, please review by logging in to the official website of the company. Individuals will also find details about Bonefish Grill, Vs Capital One and many others.



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