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American Express Blue Card

American Express Blue Cards offers cardholders access to a number of rewards and benefits without an annual fee. Cardholders can earn unlimited Membership Reward points for everyday purchases through the Membership Rewards Program. Cardholders are offered to earn one point for every dollar spent using the American Express Blue Card. The earned reward points can be redeemed against airline tickets, hotels, entertainment, gift cards, cash back, and exciting merchandise items of their choice and more. The reward points that one has earned has no any expiry date as such and there is no limit of points that cardholders can earn. The review of many cardholders opinion about the American Express Blue Card reveals that the absence of annual fee and low interest rate are the best things about the Blue Card offered by Amex. The low interest rate has earned Amex in making customers held that it is a good card for those who are planning to carry a balance in the card.

Amex’s range of Blue Credit Cards includes Blue Sky, Blue Sky Preferred, Blue Cash, and Blue from American Express. Amex also offers Blue Card for students carrying exciting rewards and benefits. Using an American Express Blue Card can reward you the way you like and that also with fast and flexible program reflecting the best needs and requirements of the customers. Cardholders can enjoy benefits in addition to rewards program including car rental insurance, travel insurance, extended warranty, and many others.

Cardholders can enjoy the convenience of managing their card account either online or mobile phone. They can enjoy the simple and convenience of online banking. Cardholders can conveniently pay bill online or through phone, view the overall card activity including the recent one, schedule payment on a later date, check reward points and many others.

American Express Blue Card Rewards

Cardholders of American Express Blue Cards can enjoy exciting rewards without incurring any fee. The two True Blue Cards from American Express viz- Blue from American Express and Blue Cash from American Express offers amazing rewards and benefits. Cardholders can enjoy the flexibility to pay over time, 0% intro APR, ability to carry a balance etc. besides the rewards program with a wide range of reward points, bonuses and several other benefits. Blue from American Express offers earning of one point for every dollar spent, double points for booking online travel, and triple points when shop with select online retailers at Bonus Points Mall. Cardholders can start earning points and enjoy the wide range of rewards that starts with just 1,000 points and can choose from travel, hotels, entertainment, cash, gift certificates, merchandise etc. Using a Blue Cash Card from American Express can allow you to get upto 5% cash back on every eligible purchase. Cardholders can enjoy purchase protection against any fraudulent charges and also extension of the manufacturer’s original warranty for upto one more year. The Blue Cards are designed with a built in smart chip which facilitates in helping against fraudulent purchases and identity theft.

American Express Blue Card login

Individuals, if not yet a cardmember, having desire to experience the unlimited amazing rewards and benefits offered by American Express Blue Card can choose one that would best suit their needs and apply through online. Online application is easy, quick and can get approval within no time. After becoming Blue Card members, cardholders can register their card to online service and enjoy the ease and convenience of managing the card account online. Having enrolled to online service, cardmembers can simply sign in using their User ID and Password and can easily manage their account activity online. They can enjoy online bill payment, balance transfer, online statement, checking reward points and many others.

American Express Blue Card members are offered an annual free credit report and credit score to all its potential cardmembers. Cardholders can login to the company’s website and can request their credit report and credit score which is available free of cost once a year. Blue Card members of Amex are provided unique customer service with Global Assist hotline available round the clock and throughout the world. Wherever you are and whenever you need, Blue Cardholders can always reach Amex’s Customer Service Representative by calling the phone number 1-888-blue-741. Cardholders also can reach through Email or can reach by writing to American Express, P.O. Box 297812, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33329-7812.

For more details about American Express Blue Card and details pertaining such as rewards, credit limit, insurance program and more please log on to the official website of the company.



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