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American Express Gift Card

American Express Gift Card is a preferred gift for family, friends and businesses. It offers gift cards with denominations ranging from $25 to $3000 in a variety of designs for various special occasions such as Diwali, wedding, etc. Amex gift cards are also available for various rewards programs including travel, visa, shopping, free shipping, dining, and restaurant. The company charges no service fees after purchase and there is no expiration date as such. Unlike debit card or ATM, gift card requires no deposit. It is accepted widely and can be used everywhere American Express is welcomed in the US. American Express gift card can be purchased online or in person at any participating banks, retailers and shopping malls, while Personalized Gift Card can only be purchased through online. Individuals can use Membership Rewards points toward gift card purchase if he/she uses an American Express card in good standing and is enrolled in the Membership Rewards Program, and a basic cardmember of the Membership Rewards account. The company also charges no fee for using points.

American Express Gift Card Check Balance

Gift cards offered by Amex is a preferred choice as it is safer than cash with no any monthly fees and lost of value as such. Gift Card holders can log in to their card account using their User name and password to check the available point balance and also the points needed for the gift card purchases.

They can simply register to online service if not yet enrolled by providing the details of the card and to start enjoy free online statement of point balance. Amex Gift Card can be ordered and can be activated online easily. However, if cardholders are required to activate the card, full instruction is provided on the front of the card, and for the security purpose, during activation, or any customer service enquiry cardholders may be asked to provide the card security code and additional information like phone number, date of birth and zip code.

American Express Gift Card Online

Cardholders of Gift Card can check the status and activity of the card online and manage the entire card account details as to point balance etc. Amex’s Gift Card can be used at any merchants and retailers in the USA wherever American Express Card is accepted. It is widely used at gas station to refill for gas, Home Depot store for variety of home appliances, on Amazon, Paypal, Steam, Ebay or any vendors for any items, and is used to shop online. Cardholders can log in to view the current special offers and place an order using the promotional code, and avail the best buy gift and several other special offers. Individuals can get American Express Gift Cards coupon, deals and offers by email. Amex offers attractive Gift Cards 2010 such as for free standard shipping, for restaurant and iTunes, theatres and many more at Walmart. To claim for various offers, cardholders have to use the coupon code for the particular offer. Using the Amex’s Gift Card coupon code cardholders can get exciting discounts and save huge amount. To find any store in the US, cardholders may use the store locator tool provided by the company.

Amex' Gift Card is a prepaid device having a dollar value printed on the front of the card or a variable load amount that is selected at the time of purchase and the value on the card is its available balance at all time. Gift Cards are printed with the recipient’s name on the front of the card and personalized one features the purchaser’s name, amount and a personal message of the purchaser. Amex’s Gift Card works very simple and it’s very easy to use as well. Cardholders will just present the Card to the vendor or cashier for payment and tell that it is a gift card and then sign the receipt using the same signature that is being used to sign at the card. Cardholders need to retain the receipt of the purchase as it will require in case of refund, exchange or replacement.

American Express Persona Gift Card will be delivered either to the address of the purchaser or the recipient. However those that are not personalized will be delivered only to the purchaser. It does not send to post office boxes, US territories or international locations. American Express Gift Card is not reloadable and can be declined if there are not sufficient funds on the card. In the billing information, it is required to fill the name address and phone number of the person making the purchase. The PIN number of Amex’ Gift Card is given at the back of the card. To check the fund balances individuals may visit or simply call the toll free number 1-877-AXP-GIFT. For lost, stolen or any problems please contact the customer service number 1-877-297-4438. If still there are questions individuals may call the American Express FAQ Automated Response Help Center by dialing 866-812-GIFT (4438) or the toll free number 1-877-AXP-GIFT.

For detailed info on American Express Gift Card and other related information such as Simon Gift Card, Duane Reade, Balance Transfer, Add Money, Cash Advance, Fee waived, Generator, Newegg, Registry, Shoppers Drug Mart, Validation, Hack, Resolution, e Shop, Encompass, Westfield, Target and Photo Gift Card, please log on to the official website of American Express for detailed review. Individuals can also review the study and scam about the Amex’s Gift Card.



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