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American Express Centurion

American Express Centurion Card or also known as Black Card is a charge card which offers a level of benefit and service that is available only to selected individuals. Amex Centurion Card is offered in select markets worldwide and provides cardholders access to a range of rewards and benefits which depends on where the card has been issued. The card is named after the company’s corporate logo and is made of titanium. It is made available and offered to preferred individuals by invitation only. Holders of this card will have to pay an annual fee, and the fees differ from country to country. In some issuing country, cardholders may also charge initiation fee. Individuals will find that annual fees charged in the USA are different from those countries such as UK, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, etc.

American Express does not in detailed disclose about the requirements and qualifications of this particular card but it is said that individuals must be spent $250,000 annually so to get an invitation to be offered an application of this card. Individuals cannot at their own will or interest apply this particular card as it is available by invitation only. It is also read that, to become a cardmember, one must strictly meet all the eligibility criteria of American Express.

American Express Centurion Benefits

Centurion Card is not a credit card but a charge card issued by American Express and is made available for personal and business use. The card offers a variety of beneficial program, services and perks with exclusive deals on travels, hotels, concierge etc. Travel benefits include companion airline tickets on selected airline partners, first class flight upgrades, travel insurance, access to airport club and lounge, and more. Cardmembers can enjoy extra amenities and privileges from the many leading hotels and restaurants around the world. They can also enjoy benefits such as membership in Concierge personal shopping program, and access to a variety of elite club membership. Centurion Cardholders also can enjoy the benefit of using Platinum Cards that is being sent to all Centurion holders which have the same number and access the same account as that of the Centurion Card. Centurion members also can enjoy the Centurion magazine that is being published by American Express with personal edition of the card.

American Express Centurion Bank

American Express became a bank holding company and now the bank accepts deposits from the general public. All deposits made at American Express are FDIC insured upto the maximum permitted limit. The American Express Centurion Bank is located at Salt Lake City, Utah. The detailed Centurion Bank address in Utah is 4315 South 2700 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84184. To know more about Centurion Card, individuals may contact the American Express Platinum customer service phone number at 1-800-263-1616.

For more information about American Express Centurion and to know in detailed about Centurion in Sarajevo, Statue in Farmville, Centurion Mall, Publishing Limited, Bank lawsuit, Replica card, Reward points and more, please login to the official website of the company.



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