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American Express Charge Card

American Express offers a wide array of Charge Cards, Credit Cards, and Prepaid Cards. If any individual want efficient control over their finances or want greater financial flexibility, American Express Charge Card is the perfect option that would serve the purpose and help meet their needs. It is suggest that Charge Cards offered by Amex is the right option and it is the perfect way to build the credit score as cardmembers paid off the amount in full each month. Unlike Amex Debit or Credit Cards, Charge Cards offered by American Express has no any pre-set spending limit and cardmembers must pay the full balance each month which facilitate greater control over expenses.

The wide range of Charge Cards offered by American Express includes Gold Rewards Card, The Platinum, Green, AeroplanPlus Platinum, AeroPlanPlus Gold, AeroplanPlus Card etc. Earlier, American Express Platinum Card was offered for application by invitation only to its loyal customers, who have significant spending and payment history. But now the card is available and open to application on request of the customers. Amex also launched the Optima True Grace Card in the early 1990s offering a grace period on all purchases ignoring the traditional credit cards styles which charges interest on all new purchases. Amex also has a wide array of small business credit cards and corporate charge cards offering to the customers worldwide.

American Express Charge Card Vs Credit Card

Amex offers every type of credit cards and charge cards with unique features including 0% APR benefits, extended balance transfer offers, cash back rebates program and full access to Membership Rewards program. However, Charge Card offered by American Express is different from those of Credit Cards. Whereas, Charge Card is paid off in full each month, credit cards revolve its balance from month to month. Charge Cards from American Express allow cardmembers to take control over finances plus there is no pre-set spending limit, whereas there is in the case of credit cards. American Express Charge Cardmembers can enjoy more benefit programs than that are enjoyed by its credit cardmembers.

American Express Charge Card Benefits

Charge Cardmembers are provided with a wide range of rewards and benefit programs. Cardmembers can enjoy no pre-set spending limit and can earn amazing points or miles for every dollar spend in card purchases. They are provided with unique travel benefits including travel insurance with wide coverage of insurance plans. Furthermore, they can also enjoy purchase protection with zero liability for unauthorized payment or damage, preferred ticket access, 24/7 online account access and many more. Amex provides exceptional customer service with 24 hour card replacement service. However, Amex charges a nominal fee for late payment from its cardmembers which could be $20 or 3.25% of the previous balance whichever is greater.

For more info about American Express Charge Card and related details such as card for students, commercial song for the charge card and the like, please log on and see the reviews and detailed product info from the official website of the company.



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