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American Express Merchant Services

American Express provides extensive merchant services with indispensable tools and resources to help meet and simplify their business task in countering with today’s complex global market scenario. American Express enables merchant to efficiently manage their accounts, provides useful market information with regard to industry trends and customer behavior, and helps find marketing opportunities. Amex also helps merchants learn and know about American Express customers and how they spend with them. The two pricing policies via- discount rate and 0% discount rate plus a flat fee provides useful tool in determining their pricing plans.

With logos and credit card merchant supplies tools provided by Amex, merchants can attract and catch many high-spending cardmembers of American Express. The check presenters help merchants catch the attention of their customers since their logos and supplies are noticeably well displayed and the warm acceptance of American Express cards is remarkably noticeable which further enhance better image and higher customer satisfaction.

American Express Merchant Services Online

American Express online merchant services allow merchants to access easy-to-use account management features anytime they like. Merchants who accept American Express cards can take great advantage and can enjoy the wide range merchant products and services offered by American Express. They can freely enroll to manage their account online and access to a number of information and resources. The American Express online merchant service lets every merchant find out how much they are getting paid anytime they want to know. It helps them manage cash flow with updated statements daily; helps get fast access to several detailed transactions, and many more.

To access and to enjoy the extensive online merchant products, services and information provided by American Express, merchants need only to enroll and create a User ID and Password for the login purpose. After having a User ID and getting assigned with a password, merchants can visit the homepage of American Express online service and log in to access several merchant toolkits where one can enjoy marketing programs, supplies and spend reports etc. They can simply log in to view payments, respond to disputes, and check various transactions features.

American Express Merchant Services Customer Service

Merchants are provided unique customer service backed by round the clock online services and telephone numbers. Merchants can contact the customer representatives whenever they have any questions or problems regarding the products and services or anything pertaining to American Express merchant services. Customer service is also available in Spanish. For your convenience and to help you find reliable information about American Express merchant services, below we provide a directory of phone numbers. Merchants in the USA and others who have the privilege to reach American Express through the following phone numbers may contact through the below given numbers:

Customer Service: 1-800-528-5200
Online Merchant Services: 1-800-374-2639
Merchant Toolkit: 1-866-871-8567
Apply to accept Card (Non Franchise): 1-800-445-2639
Apply to accept Card (Franchise): 1-800-222-3781

For more info about American Express Merchant Services and detailed account regarding merchant rates, check presenters, supplies, online services and more, please visit the official website of the American Express.



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