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American Express Open

American Express offers a comprehensive range of cards for personal and business use. Amex Small Business Services Division or also called American Express OPEN offers a variety of cards specifically designed for small businesses to help them manage their everyday expenses. Plum Card being the latest to the card line for small business owners. The company also offers a wide range of commercial cards and services to help mid-size and large businesses manage their travel and day-to-day operational expenses. Through the OPEN Forum, an online community, American Express helps businesses inform, promote and grow their business. Amex OPEN has also created a site with link to government spending policy facilitating business owners find informative and useful guides and resources that can help them increase their business through government contracting. The Women’s Business Initiative, Summit and Partners from OPEN empower the growth of the business and drive them to success.

American Express OPEN Forum

OPEN Forum is an online community provided by American Express offering cutting-edge tools and insights to help businesses inform, promote and grow their business. Through this network, Amex provides unique solutions helping business owners easily monitor their everyday operations whether advertising of their new products and services or matters relating to making of bill pay and other form of payment.

With the AcceptPay online payment and invoicing solution, business owners can get paid faster and enjoy easy invoicing in one convenient place. The AcceptPay service allows customer’s payments go directly into their bank account. The Search Manager tool that helps in marketing search engine lets business owners track and manage search campaign across all major search engines and Facebook facilitating saving of time as well as money by helping them improve their search Ad results.

American Express OPEN Login

Cardmembers of OPEN from American Express can find several business solutions and resources including the latest business information, case study and survey conducted for various business units from American Express OPEN Forum and they can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile Phone etc. Registered Forum cardmembers can simply sign in using their login ID and password and can access to a variety of benefits that are available on OPEN Forum. They can log in to Amex PBC (Pay Bill Center) for online payment. OPEN Cardmembers can watch videos of various businesses that are booming and they can learn from their success stories and start booming too. Following OPEN Forum on twitter can facilitate a variety of benefits. Cardmembers can get tips that can help create a social media policy for their business.

Amex offers a wide range of business cards with a wide selection of rewards and benefit program exclusively for its cardmembers. Amex Business Cards such as Gold Rewards Card, Business Platinum Card, Green Rewards Card, and Plum Card features savings of upto 10% on all business expenses. Cardmembers can earn exciting additional points for considerable spending in a calendar year charging entirely to the card. They can enjoy unlimited Membership Reward points for virtually every eligible dollar they charge to the card and can even earn amazing discounts for their everyday purchases from several partners like Hertz, Hyatt and several airlines and hotels. Business Platinum Cardmembers can enjoy exceptional customer service with concierge personal assistance 24/7. Individuals can apply Amex business card online and can get activate as well online.

The Amex OPEN commercial song features as a traditional Reveille MP3 but becomes a jazz piece in the later days. Individuals and business owners can watch videos, read articles, blogs, and various informative guides and resources through OPEN Forum sponsored by American Express OPEN. Through OPEN Small Business Holiday Monitor, an annual survey conducted for business owners, American Express also features comprehensive business information and provides exclusive guides to diverse business owners. To view Amex fall 2010 Small Business Monitor results and other related details, please log on to the official website of the company. Individuals also can obtain information such as Project Rebrand, Small Business Saturday, Fedex, Costco, Careers and jobs on OPEN Day Brighton, Logo and other related information on its official website.



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