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ING Funds

ING Funds is a subsidiary of Amsterdam based ING Group and they provide international and global as well as the domestic funds services. These services include major funds such as mutual funds, closed end index, trust funds and others etc. They are delivering services with more than 700 financial assistants and investment professional around the world. Besides, there are also several types of ING American Funds which are provided through the ING Annuities.

They also provide precise information about the daily performance and prices of all types of funds and these can be from the link given below.

ING Funds Address:
ING Funds
7337 E. Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

Phone Number: 1-800-992-0180
Mon – Fri: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST

Apart from these funds services in USA, there are also several funds services in Canada provided by ING Direct and in Malaysia, it is being provided by ING Funds Behad (BHD), a unit of ING Investment Management. On the other hand, the funds like mutual fund, provident, private and property fund are also made available in Thailand under ING Funds Thailand Co. Limited. In addition, one can also find these fund services in Australia, Japan, Philippines, New Zealand (NZ) and others.

ING Funds Career

The career at ING Funds will be the dream of every youngster because they offer various opportunities and benefits to those who are working with them. Every employee can feel the enjoyment of working within the world class reputed company. In fact, they offer the following benefits and advantages as well as the incentive plans.
  • Medical coverage which also includes vision and dental etc.
  • Balanced Work-Life program
  • Retirement plans with 401K and many others.
In US, ING Funds offers two types of internship programs namely, finance intern and actuarial student program. The former one is particularly meant for the senior and junior students pursuing bachelor degree in accounting, business, finance, management or operational risk. On the other side, the latter one is meant for those who are interested in actuarial career and it also offers summer and full time interns.

You can search online for various job offers and vacancies through either the global or local website of the company. However you need to be careful about the internet jobs scam.

For further information about the ING Funds, one can review the prospectus and fact sheet. In order to obtain the prospectus, you need to contact the ING Investments Distributor, LLC at 800-992-0180 or contact your investment professional via phone or email.

One can also visit the following website of the company for further detailed information about the ING Funds tournament and class O funds or refer the respective local websites.



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