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ING Investment

The ING Investment Management LLC and ING Investment Trust Co. are the companies of ING Group Ltd. They basically offer various products and services which include equity - trusts, fixed income, money market, multi asset, target date and solutions portfolio, mutual funds, real estate, global and international funds and managed account. Besides, they also provide real estate financing services for the properties which yield income and these are available on the basis of property and loan types.

The company has offices in various location of the world with a major in US. The offices in United States are operating under the leadership of CEO Jeffrey T. Becker. However, in UK, such investment management services are confined to real estate management and securities services with the offices in London. Besides these two countries, there are also several offices in Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, India, Netherlands, Australia, and many others. The following is the list of investment offices in US with address and contact details.

USA Offices

New York
230 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10169
Phone Number: 212-309-8200

5780 Powers Ferry Rd NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30327
Phone Number: 770-690-4600

10 State House Square
Hartford, CT 06103-3607
Phone Number: 860-275-3720

If you are looking for ING Investment Management offices all over the world, you can use the office finder tools available on the following link.

Apart from the investment services, they also provide jobs and career options to the experienced professionals and the graduates. You can see more information about the careers at ING Investments from its website or follow the web address given below.

ING Investment Funds

The ING Investment Funds covers a large number of products and services which include asset allocation, domestic equity, enhanced index, fixed income, global an international, money market and real estate funds. On the other hand various types of high yield and intermediate bonds are also available with the ING fixed income funds.

ING Investment Banking

In US, ING Direct and in association with Sharebuilder provides the investment banking services through which the investors or clients can invest on more than 7,000 available stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. The Sharebuilder provides two types of investment options i.e. real time trades and automatic investment plans. Apart from investing online, every customer can managed their respective accounts via online login. In addition, the customers can login to view the account information, transaction history and even updating profile, changing address and lots of activities are also possible. The existing customer can login with the username and password.

Most importantly, you can also calculate your investment by using the calculator available on the following link.

All you need is to provide the starting investment amount, savings rates, the required amount, duration for investment and contribution whether it may be weekly, monthly or yearly.

Each investor can consult the respective advisors for any assistance and also read the reviews and news available on the website.

For further detailed information about the ING investments interest rates and returns, you can refer the website of the bank or the company.



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