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ING Home

ING Home consists of ING Home Bank which provides online banking services to the customers located in Romania and Belgium. With this service one can access the account information, money transfer, retention of your account and other services. Therefore one can enjoy such a hassle free online services via internet apart from the banking with the offices and branches.

In addition, such type of services can also be accessed through the ING Direct which provides online banking services to the clients reside in Canada, USA, Australia, UK and others. With the ING Direct, one can also access the stocks, quote and other investing tools and services provided by sharebuilder.

ING Home Bank

ING Home Bank is an online banking service unit of ING which operates in Romania (RO) and Belgium (BE). In Romania, the ING clients are allowed to perform certain online banking activities such as checking account balances, RON transfer from one account to another, viewing transaction details and history for upto 6 months, foreign exchange currencies and many others. These services required login to the corresponding account with the username and passcode.

Likewise, the Belgium Home Bank clients can manage accounts online, worldwide money transfer, managing direct debits and standing orders, checking your savings and investments and even one can close insurances online. On the other hand, you can also pay for your shopping through the Home Pay. They also provide Home Bank software for online and offline use, one can download it from their website.

If you need any assistance, you can contact the helpdesk at the following details.

ING Home Bank Helpdesk Phone Numbers:
English: 02/464.60.04
French: 02/464.60.02
Dutch: 02/464.60.01
German: 02/464.60.03

ING Home Loans

ING Home loans are offered in various locations of the world such as Australia, Malaysia, USA, and others countries. Broadly, these loans are available as home equity loans, home equity line of credit (HELOC), Variable and fixed. In Malaysia, there are two packages of home loans i.e. Non Zero Entry Cost and Zero Entry Cost.

In USA, the ING Direct offer home equity loan with a borrowing capacity of upto 70% equity of the home. For example the worth of your house is $200,000 and at the same time you are borrowing a mortgage of $100,000, then you can borrow the loan amount of upto $40,000 for your home. This home equity loans are available at low interest rates and is the best options for those who wants to finance or renovate their home. Besides, there is another type called home equity line of credit also known as HELOC. This is just like as your credit card, where the credit line is fixed and limit. This line of credit offers variable interest rates which can be locked at the rate which suits you most after converting into loan with some lenders. The rate lock facility will prevent you from the effect of rate rise and fall because rates are changing according to the situation and time.

However, in Australia, the company offers different products of home loans such as orange advantage, mortgage simplifier, construction loan, fixed rate, action equity and smart home loan. They are available with the interest rate of minimum 7.09% p.a. and upto maximum rate of 7.83% p.a.

You can calculate the loan amount and repayment amount with the loan calculators available on their respective web page. At the same time you can also refer the guide on refinance

For further information on ING home, loan 1000, wholesale, contents insurance and many others, you can refer the global and regional websites of the company as well as you can read the reviews available on various online forums.



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