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ING Group

ING Group is a group of several companies which provides financial services in the world. The “Orange Lion” is the logo of the company. Its headquarters is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has worldwide offices in 50 countries of the world which includes Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, UK, USA, Singapore, Thailand and others. The organizational structure, management and governing body of the company consists of board of directors CEOs, chairman, executive members and many others.

The company is providing banking, investment and retirement as well as the life insurance services with the focuses on direct, commercial and international retail banking. In addition, they also offered annuity contracts, investment management which includes equity, real estate and fixed income etc. On the other hand the ING Groep NV provides salary continuance insurance in association with One Path Limited, a new name of ING insurance and investment services in Australia. You can also refer the fact profile available on their website for further detail information and history of the company.

Head Office address:
ING House
Amstelveenseweg 500
1081 KL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 541 5411

Mailing address:
ING Group
P.O. Box 810
1000 AV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The quarterly results, annual report of 2008 and 2009 as well as the embedded value report 2009 of the company are available on their website.

ING Group Careers

ING Group careers provide various jobs and employment benefits to the young fresh and talented students as well as the experienced professional. In addition, they provide various personal and professional learning tools which help in developing and enhancing one’s talent and abilities. For the students who are about to graduate they provide internships and ING talent programmes. On the other hand the experienced professionals can also benefit through the local careers option.

Basically the ING Talent Programme is available for those Master students and looking for those students who have the leadership quality, strategic vision, management skills and expressiveness. With the ING internship programme, one can experience the reality of the business world while studying. These internships will also help you in developing your potential and skills in financial services.

The internship and talent programmes can apply online through the central application process whereas the experienced professionals are required to visit the corresponding local sites. You can visit the following website for more information about the ING careers.

ING Group Investor Relations

The ING group investor relations provide share information of the company which includes preferred stocks, IPO, dividend, earnings, revenue and many others. For the information of the investors, the company is traded in AEX and NYSE with the ticker symbol “ING”.

One can also get the updated news and information about the share price history through the investor relations web page. For further information, you can reach them at the following contacts.

ING Group Investor Relations
P.O. Box 810
1000 AV Amsterdam
Phone Number: +31 20 541 5460
Fax: +31 20 541 8551

For further updated information on ING Group subsidiaries, bailout, competitors, reinsurance and risk claims, visit the website of the company.



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