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ING Direct Account

ING Direct accounts are available as savings, checking, CDs, deposits, retirement and others. These accounts are offered to both the individual and business clients.

The ING Direct Australia offers savings accounts and products such as saving maximiser, accelerator, DIY super cash, personal term deposit, DIY super term deposits for the individual clients. On the other hand business optimiser and term deposit for the business customers. The savings maximiser and business optimiser offers variable rates and do not required any kind of minimum balance whereas the term deposits accounts offer fixed rate depending on the term and it requires minimum deposits of $10,000. The account holders can access their respective account round the clock through the phone and mobile or online banking.

In UK, the savings accounts are classified into three types and offer good interest rates. These accounts include Bonus Saver, Fixed Rates Savings and Growth Saver. The Bonus Savers are currently offering with variable rates ranges from 0.4% to 2.00% AER and it will be reverted to standard rate which is of 1% AER from January, 2012. The Fixed Rate Savings are available in three different terms with varying rates which start from 2.00% to 3.00% AER. The Growth Savers offer high savings rates but it requires minimum balance of £50,000.

The savings accounts in Canada are available as the personal and business savings accounts which offer rate between 0.75% and 2.00%.

Most importantly, every customer can access free online account maintenance services which include checking account balance, statement and transaction details as well as the money transfers, bill payment and many more. However, you are required to login to “My Account” or “Account Login” page with the customer number or saver ID and password, so that you can access the services.

ING Direct Checking Account

The ING Direct checking accounts are available in Canada and USA. If you want to write a cheque or pay a bill without any charges and fees, the THRIVE Chequing account which is available only in Canada is the best option for you.

In USA, the bank offers electric orange checking accounts with the FDIC guaranteed and insured interest rates. With these accounts, one can earn the interest at the rate of upto 1.24% and 1.25% APY. Moreover you can also get the benefits of free debit card, online bill payment, free postage of your checks as well as the free ATM access across the network of 35,000 ATMs.

ING Direct Orange Savings Account

The ING Direct orange savings accounts are available in USA and offer high interest rates with no minimum balance or fees. With these accounts, one can earn the variable interest of 1.10% APY at minimum. Further detailed information on rates, you can see the rate comparison and reviews available on their websites.

If you want to open or apply for the new account, you can do so via phone and online etc. On the other you can also close your account in the same manner via phone and online.

Apply by phone
Australia: 1800 133 464

Close by Phone:
Australia: 133 464

For further information on ING Direct health savings account and management, you can visit the respective websites of the bank.



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