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ING Calculator

ING calculators are of many types ranging from the savings to investment and from mortgages, loans to life insurance and annuity. These tools and calculators help the customers by providing a brief idea of how much amount of loans are required, how much can I save and many other things. The ING Direct located in Australia, Canada, UK and USA provides the following types of calculators.
  • Borrowing power
  • Home loan repayment
  • Loan comparison
  • Lump sump
  • Stamp duty
  • Budget planner
  • Regular savings calculator
  • Personal term deposit
  • Rate calculator
  • CD calculator
  • Investment savings
  • Fee calculator
  • Mutual fund investor profile
  • Mortgage payment calculator
  • Flexible payment
  • Affordability calculator and many others.

Apart from the tools mentioned above, there are also many others like retirement needs calculator which allows the customers in determining the amount of savings at the maturity of the respective retirement plans. In addition, there are also several tools to calculate the required amount to put on your investment etc.

ING Mortgage Calculator

With the ING mortgage calculators, the new borrowers can calculate and estimate the required amount according to their income and requirements. On the other hand, the existing customers or the borrowers will able to calculate the monthly payable amount depending upon the interest rate of the mortgage and respective monthly payment.

Therefore the borrowers can use the calculators available on the respective local website of the ING Bank. The following link is the location for the mortgage calculator provided by the ING Direct UK.

ING Savings Calculator

The US clients can use the online savings calculator provided by the bank in order to calculate your savings based on the certain criteria such as current savings balance, number of months to save, rate of returns as well as the additional monthly investment. Besides, ING Direct in Canada offers several types of investment savings calculators such as US$ investment savings calculator. On the other hand the Australian customers can also estimate their savings according to the initial and deposit amount as well as the interest rates applied to your savings account, frequency of deposit and terms of savings.

For further information about ING calculator, you can log on to the respective local websites of the bank.



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