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With the ING ATM, one can access to various products and services such as bank account, checking funds or balance inquiry in your account, credit line, credit card, HELOC, or overdraft line of credit. Besides, one can also make cash withdrawals round the clock without any surcharge or ATM fees.

In USA, ING Direct is providing ATM services with a wide network of 32,000 ATMs across the 50 states of the country. They are providing these services to the electric orange checking account holders without any kind of surcharge or convenience fee.

They allowed max withdrawal of $1,000 daily, but some ATM owners may limit the withdrawal of $1,000 at once. On the other hand, withdrawing cash from the machines listed on the bank website with or without the Allpoint logo is completely free from any costs and charges. There is no transaction limit, so you can enjoy the numbers of unlimited free transactions. But there will be foreign transaction fees, if you made international withdrawal or using your card in abroad.

In Australia, the bank also provides ATM and debit card facility with fee rebate option to the orange everyday banking customers but there is no any kind of ING ATM within the country. However, one can use automated teller machines of the other providers and networks. In this case the provider or the bank will charged some kind of fees but not by the ING Direct. If you cash out 200 AUD each time you withdraw cash from the others bank ATMs, your bank automatically reimburse the charged amount instantly into your account.

Additionally, if you are looking for direct deposits at ATM, there is no facility of such kind at present.

ING ATM Locator

ING ATM locator is a web based tool which has the capabilities to search the locations of the several ATMs network. ING Direct USA provides this tool on their website which allows every customer to search the Allpoint automatic teller machines within 20 miles of a particular location. It is easy to use and simple; all you have to do is just logon to page where the ATM finder is located and type in the details such as name of the city, state, address or zip code of the location which you want to find. In addition, the search result will also provide the map, distance and road guide of the location.

The US customers can use the ATM locator available on the following link.

ING ATM Locations

The ING ATM facilities are available in various locations such as USA, Australia, Europe and Canada etc. As mentioned earlier, in US, it has 32,000 Allpoints ATM networks which are partnered with many retailers such as Rite Aid, Sunoco, Target and many others.

If you are a US client and lost your card PIN number or want to change, you can get a new PIN online or via phone by contacting at 1-800-747-8157. For the online method, you need to login into your account with your customer number or saver ID and password etc.

For further detailed information about the ING ATM, you can refer the tips and FAQs available on their website.



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