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ING Orange

ING Orange is a brand name of different products and services offered by ING Direct and these includes a wide range of savings, checking, loans and mortgage, IRAs, mutual funds, stock, and CDs accounts. Moreover there are also various products offering for the business customers and these include orange business savings account, business CDs and sharebuilder 401k.

ING Orange Savings

ING Orange savings covers different types of savings and checking accounts as well as the CD accounts. The orange savings accounts are offered with good interest rate without any minimum deposits or fees. On the other hand the Electric Orange checking account provides high yield interest rate and APY. In addition, they also offer FDIC guaranteed CDs, which can earn money without any market risk. These certificates of deposits are available for a variety of term of ranging from 6 to 60 months with the minimum APY of 0.75% and a maximum of 1.25%. Savings account facility for the kids also available with the variable APY rate ranging from 1.10%.

Furthermore, the orange checking accounts offer interest rate which is between 0.24% and 1.24% depending upon the balance maintain into the account. Besides, you can also avail the following benefits and advantages with the Electric Orange checking account.

  • Free MasterCard debit card
  • Online bill payment facility
  • Free access at ATMs across the country and many others.
Apart from all these benefits, they provide $50 as a bonus to the new customers who like to open a sharebuilder account. In order to get this bonus, you need to open an investing account with the promotion code “INVESTBONUS”. On the other hand you can also use the referral link or some other kind of reference or key code received from the bank.

If you wish to open these accounts, visit the website of the bank to apply online.

ING Orange Mortgage

ING Direct offers loans and mortgages to those individuals who want to buy a new home or refinance it. These are of two types i.e. orange easy mortgage for the savers and orange mortgage. The former is being offered at low fixed rates and you won’t be required to refinance as well as you will be automatically qualified to relock at the previous rates.

When you refinance a mortgage, they may also charge you some kind prepayment penalty but it depends on the terms of the existing mortgage. For any doubt and confusion about the rates, you can refer the rate review available on their website.

ING Direct provides home equity loan to the USA clients for an amount of upto 70% home equity.

ING Orange Login

The ING Orange login is the gateway to various online banking services through which one can manage and access their account information, transactions history, transfer money, bill payment and many others. Besides, one can also login to check the status of their loan application. These services are made available to the ING Direct customers who reside in Australia, Canada, France (FR), USA and other countries where there is ING Direct. You can also access such kind of everyday banking services from their own café located in various locations. In order to access these services you need to login with your customer number or saver ID and PIN.

You can also setup online for direct deposit by logging in to your account. For this purpose, you will be required the routing number of the ING Direct which is 031176110.

For further information about the ING Orange ball, laces and planet, you can visit the website of the bank and others.



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