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ING Direct Mortgage

ING Direct offers different types of mortgages in the region where they operate. In Canada, they offer fixed and variable rate mortgages at the lowest rate with 120 rate guarantee. The fixed rate mortgages are available in various terms with fixed payments whereas the variable rate mortgages are available for a term of 5 years only with the adjustable payment options for every 3 months. Moreover, they also provide several options of payment frequencies such as biweekly, semi monthly and weekly as well as you can payoff or amortize upto 35 years. Besides, there is also mortgage life insurance of coverage upto $500,000 and it can also insure your home.

On the other hand, the ING Direct offers orange and easy orange mortgages in USA. These mortgages cover the following advantage and features.
  • low rates
  • low closing costs
  • rate relock facility for 5 or 7 years
  • 45 and 60 days rate guaranteed for the refinances and purchases respectively.

Moreover, the easy orange mortgages also offer rate renewal facility to the qualified borrowers for another 5 years at the current existing rate. The refinance option for your mortgage is also available, however they may charge prepayment penalty while you refinance.

In Australia as per the needs of the customers, the ING Direct offers home loans in five different options namely variable, fixed, line of credit, construction loan and commercial loans. These loans are available for the first home buyers, investors and refinancers etc. In addition, the following home loans products are available under the variable, fixed and line of credit loans.

Fixed rate home loans

Variable home loans
  • Orange advantage
  • Mortgage simplifier
  • Construction loan
Line of credit home loans
  • Action equity
  • Smart home loans
The UK customers can avail the simple and straight fixed rate, variable rate and tracker mortgages for buying a new home or refinancing. the most interesting features of these mortgages is that they accept various repayment options such as endowment, pension, ISA, PEPs, unit trusts and others etc.

One can apply the ING Direct mortgages online or via phone. The following is the list of contact number which can be used for applying mortgages.

Apply by phone

US: 1-866-327-4599
Australia: 1800 100 258
Canada: 1-866-700-4604
UK: 0800 032 8822

Before you apply for the loans or mortgage, just go through the lending criteria provided by the bank on their websites. Moreover, they also provide quote and other information about the mortgage comparison through their websites. For any other complaints, problems or want to discussed about the lending criteria and query about the account details and payment mailing address, you can contact the respective customer service at the following details

Customer Service Number:

UK: 0800 032 8822
Australia: 133 464 or +61 2 9028 4077 (from abroad)
US: 1-888-464-7868
Canada: 1-800-568-2190 or 416-758-5600

If you apply online you can check the status of the mortgage application through the online application tracker available on the website. However, you need to login with the customer number or saver ID and password or other requirement.

ING Direct Mortgage Calculator

ING Direct offers various type of mortgage calculator such payment calculator, borrowing amount, repayment calculator and many more. With these calculators one can calculate the pre approval amount of a loan, monthly payment and many others. The following is the some types of mortgage calculator available on their websites; however you can also explore more on their website.
  • Borrowing power
  • Repayment
  • Lump sump
  • Budget planner and more.

ING Direct Mortgage Rate

The ING Direct mortgage rates are varied from one region to another and it depends on the type of the available mortgage. However, they offer low and affordable rates on most of the mortgage. In Australia, they offer discount on interest rate if you borrow the loan amount of more than $300,000.

You can refer the rate review and comparison available on the websites for more detailed information on ING Direct mortgage rates.

For further detailed information on ING Direct mortgage modification, bankrate, rate history, wholesale and broker you can refer the suitable FAQs available on the respective local websites of the bank.



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