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ING Interest

ING offers great and attractive interest on various savings, checking CDs, investment and retirement accounts for both individual and business customers as well as low interest rate on mortgages and loans product. Apart from charging low interest on such mortgages and loans product, there is no additional closing cost and fees for the mortgages offered by the ING USA.

ING Interest Rates

The interest rates for various products offered by ING in several locations of the world are varied from one location to another. For instance in Australia, the bank offers high interest rates on it savings products with 6.35% p.a. on savings maximiser account whereas in USA, orange savings accounts are available with high interest rates, but no minimum fees or charges are required. On the other hand, they also offered various mortgages and loans with low and variable interest rates as well as no annual fees or transaction fees are needed. Furthermore there is also wide flexibility and options of paying interest only while you are repaying or payoff of your loan. In Canada, they have offered various investment savings productions for both the individual and business clients with the interest rates ranging from 0.75% to 1.25%. Undoubtedly, the mortgages are also available at the lower rate with fixed rate guarantee facility for 120 days. In the meantime, you can also lower down your rates if it is drop during this period of 120 days.

Due to the high price of home in Australia, the ING Direct offers the interest only perpetual mortgages a new affordable mortgage options for the borrowers which was launched in mid 2010. You can refer the annual report for further detailed information on ING rate history, comparison and changing trends i.e. rise and fall of rates etc.

ING Interest Account

ING offers high interest rates account such as ING Direct Australia’s savings maximiser, term deposits and USA’s interest bearing checking account namely electric orange checking and savings account. These term deposits accounts are available in two types i.e. personal and business term deposits and both offer a wide range of rates depending upon the terms of deposit. Basically, one can earn the interest at the minimum rate of 4.75% p.a. for 30 days and maximum of 6.60% p.a. for 2 years

ING Interest Calculator

The ING interest calculators are available for term deposits accounts such as personal term deposit and DIY super term deposit calculator. With these tools and calculators, one can have the rough calculation of interest which can be earned through these accounts. Besides, you can also calculate the loan interest that could be saved with the home loan repayment calculator. Further details of various types of calculators can be obtained from the respective local website of the bank.

For further detailed information about the ING interest on income fund and other products, you can refer the local website of the bank.



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