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ING Direct Rates

The ING Direct offers a variety of savings, CDs and mortgages products with several rate options. Further, as the bank operates in 9 countries, the available rates on different products may also vary. On the other hand, one can also compare the rates of these products available on the bank’s website. These rates may also increase or cut down depending upon the economic conditions of the regions.

The bank also offers several types of savings accounts with attractive and high interest rates. A few notable high yield savings accounts available in those regions where ING Direct is active include ISA (investment savings account), orange savings, savings maximiser, growth savers and many others. The US$ ISA which is offered by the ING Direct Canada, provides good exchange rates on funds transfer between the Canadian and US dollars ISA.

Apart from the savings accounts, the Canadian customers can also avail the advantages of GIC such as higher interest rates than the savings, fast redemption and no fees etc.

ING Direct Rates Mortgage

In Canada the variable and fixed mortgages are available with low interest rate. However the interest on variable rate mortgages are depend on the prime rate which is fluctuated according to the situation, but the bank has provided the rate lock facility to customers for upto 3 years.

The ING Direct US offers low rates mortgages such as easy orange mortgage. Basically this mortgage is available with certain features like low closing costs, rate renewal facility after the completion of 5 years term and loan amount of upto $750,000. In fact, this rate renewal facility provides the qualified borrowers to renew or change the interest rates into a lower or preferred rate. In addition, the borrowers can also hold or lock the interest rates for another five years. For further information on rate renewals, you can refer the renewal policy of the bank.

Additionally, for more detailed information about the ING orange mortgage rate and wholesale lending, you can refer the rate sheet available on the following link

On the other hand, the bank offers mortgages such as tracker, fixed and variable rates mortgages with low base rate, simple fixed and discounted variable rates. They offer rate of upto 3.14% on fixed rate mortgage until the March, 2013.

ING Direct Rates CD

The ING Direct offers CDs at good rates and guaranteed returns facility. With this CD, one can earn money without any market risk and the money is insured by FDIC for upto $250,000. These CDs are available in various options and terms ranging from 6 to 60 months. The following is the details of the CD which has been effective from 12th July, 2010.

Term (in months) Rates (in APY)
6 0.75%
9 0.75%
12 1.00%
18 1.00%
24 1.25%
30 1.25%
36 1.25%
48 1.25%
60 1.25%

For further information on ING Direct rates rise and drop, you can review the rate history and news available on their websites.



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